San Francisco 49ers News, April 29: John Lynch Refutes Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk Trade Talks, Jayden Daniels Says Aiyuk Would Be Dream Teammate, and More

    The San Francisco 49ers still have a few questions following the 2024 NFL Draft, specifically about their receivers. More on that in today's 49ers news.

    Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk are bedrocks of the San Francisco 49ers’ offensive attack. The duo not only blows the top off of the coverage but Samuel can be used as a running back-like weapon to bludgeon the opposing front seven. Yet, their long-term status remains in question.

    That and more in today’s 49ers news.

    San Francisco 49ers News Today

    GM John Lynch Denies Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk Trade Talks

    Rumors were swirling around San Francisco and a potential move of one of its star receivers during the NFL Draft. The draft has now passed, and general manager John Lynch was adamant about not wanting to trade Aiyuk or Samuel, even following the selection of Florida wideout Ricky Pearsall.

    “We didn’t entertain any of that today,” Lynch said, per San Jose Mercury’s Cam Inman. “We’re happy with our wide receiver group. Actually, more than happy. We’re thrilled with it. And thrilled to add Ricky to it to make it stronger.”

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    San Francisco Adds Terrell Owens’ Son as UDFA

    The 49ers were linked to running back Christian McCaffrey’s brother, Luke McCaffrey, prior to the draft. There was also a thought that the team could draft Jerry Rice’s son, Brenden Rice, to become a wideout for his father’s former team.

    While neither family member of the current or former players were drafted to the 49ers, one other former player’s son did. Terique Owens, the son of former San Francisco wide receiver Terrell Owens, is headed to the Bay as an undrafted free agent.

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    Jayden Daniels Says Aiyuk Would Be Dream Teammate

    Newly drafted Washington Commanders quarterback Jayden Daniels was a teammate of Aiyuk’s while the duo attended Arizona State. Even after Aiyuk was drafted and Daniels transferred to LSU, the two have shared a close bond. Recently, Daniels told Overtime that Aiyuk would be a dream teammate.

    Due to the answer being before the draft and not being part of an NFL franchise at that moment, Daniels’ words would not be considered tampering. The Commanders, though, could target Aiyuk.

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    HC Kyle Shanahan Takes Introspective Look at Team Following Draft

    The NFL Draft is a time when the entire future of the franchise is on the line. One such person who constantly thinks this is San Francisco head coach Kyle Shanahan, who thoroughly thought about the process following the draft on Saturday.

    “You always try to get better, but you don’t want to get worse,” Shanahan said, via The Athletic’s Tim Kawakami.

    “And when you do have players that have played a lot of good football over these last three to five years, it becomes a problem because you’ve got to pay guys, and it’s harder to keep carrying that. And that’s why we went in a free agency (like they did) … you have to make a lot of hard decisions.

    “But we’re not ready to take two steps back so eventually we can take three steps forward or however that is; but you don’t know if that’s possible. So you try to make your free-agent decisions that way. You try to do the draft that way. And I feel we’re in a position that hopefully I don’t think we did get worse. I think we’ve tried to keep it to where we’re there.”

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