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    Who Did the San Francisco 49ers Draft In 2024? Picks, Analysis, and More

    After falling just short of hoisting the Lombardi trophy in Super Bowl 58, can the San Francisco 49ers finish the job with the help of their 2024 draft picks?

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    The San Francisco 49ers got about as close as you can get to hoisting the Lombardi Trophy after a narrow loss at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl 58.

    General manager John Lynch has assembled one of the deepest, most talented rosters in the league but will once again be tasked with identifying talent through the draft to finally get over the hump.

    Here’s a look at who they selected in the 2024 NFL Draft.

    San Francisco 49ers Draft Picks by Round

    • Round 1, Pick 31
      Ricky Pearsall, WR | Florida
    • Round 2, Pick 64 (from KC)
      Renardo Green, CB | Florida State
    • Round 3, Pick 86 (from PHI through IND through HOU through PHI)
      Dominick Puni, G | Kansas
    • Round 4, Pick 124 (from DAL)
      Malik Mustapha, S | Wake Forest
    • Round 4, Pick 129 (from NYJ through MIN through DET)
      Isaac Guerendo, RB | Louisville
    • Round 4, Pick 135
      Jacob Cowing, WR | Arizona
    • Round 6, Pick 215 (Compensatory pick)
      Jarrett Kingston, G | USC
    • Round 7, Pick 251
      Tatum Bethune, LB | Florida State

    Who Did the 49ers Draft in 2024?

    Ricky Pearsall, WR, Round 1, Pick 31

    The Niners didn’t do themselves any favors to slow down the trade buzz surrounding Brandon Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel on Thursday night. As they selected Florida wide receiver Ricky Pearsall with the No. 31 overall selection.

    KEEP READING: Ricky Pearsall Scouting Report

    Pearsall enjoyed a meteoric rise during the pre-draft process thanks to strong performances at the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine. Pro Football Network’s Ian Cummings discussed Pearsall’s skillset in his scouting report.

    “Pearsall makes his money with truly hyper-elite catching instincts and hands,” Cummings said. “Pearsall’s reliability at the catch point makes him an asset on money downs, and he also has a degree of usage versatility that allows him to be easily integrated on Day 1.”

    Renardo Green, CB, Round 2, Pick 64

    Renardo Green joined the Seminoles as a three-star recruit in 2019, built his way up, and battled through injuries. He could’ve transferred in 2023 with Fentrell Cypress joining the fold, but instead, he stayed in Tallahassee and became an all-conference performer.

    The 49ers continue to build up their depth as they own one of the most complete rosters in the NFL.

    Dominick Puni, G, Round 3, Pick 86

    Dominick Puni profiles as a five-position versatile lineman immediately in the NFL. He’ll have utility as a quality depth piece as a rookie, but he should also be able to function as a competent starter at guard early in his career. And with more development, he can grow to become a scheme-diverse impact starter.

    He’s a nice depth add to an offense that has plenty of versatility already.

    Malik Mustapha, S, Round 4, Pick 124

    If Malik Mustapha can further hone his catch-point instincts and shore up his tackling technique, he has the ceiling of a two-phase impact starter, in a similar mold to Tampa Bay’s Antoine Winfield Jr. — with dual-sided coverage and disruptive versatility.

    He should be afforded the time to learn without being relied on too heavily as a rookie on a loaded 49ers team.

    Isaac Guerendo, RB, Round 4, Pick 129

    Isaac Guerendo’s versatile skill set and home run speed gave him the potential to sneak into Day 2. San Francisco lands themselves a back with strong vision traits that could fill in should Christian McCaffrey get banged up. 

    At the very least, he’s nice roster depth, but there is much more in his profile should he be pushed into duty.

    Jacob Cowing, WR, Round 4, Pick 135

    Cowing caught 175 passes (20 touchdowns) during his two seasons at Arizona after spending three seasons at UTEP, but his slight frame could make his transition to the pro game a difficult one.

    He’s a quick-twitch type that might be able to get open from the slot and on shorter routes — separating down the field is unlikely to be something he ever offers. That said, this is an offense built on efficiency and without the need for an instant impact player — this is a good fit.

    Jarrett Kingston, G, Round 6, Pick 215

    Across five seasons and two programs (four at Washington State and one at USC), Jarrett Kingston has proved to be a capable pass blocker at every OL position but center. Unfortunately, that’s where his size/length combo translates the best. It’ll be interesting to see how the 49ers elect to develop him, but the tape does support a career at the professional level in some capacity. 

    Tatum Bethune, LB, Round 7, Pick 251

    Bethune is an instinctual player who looks better on tape than you’d expect someone with his metrics. He’s a raw athlete that can be refined (recognition and footwork weaknesses), but he does bring some intangibles to the field that are tough to quantify until you see him play. He should offer nice depth to the defensive backfield for this loaded roster.

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