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    Rejzohn Wright, CB, Oregon State | NFL Draft Scouting Report

    With his 2023 NFL Draft scouting report, can Oregon State CB Rejzohn Wright go earlier than his brother Nahshon did in the 2021 NFL Draft?

    Another day, another scouting report for a 2023 NFL Draft CB. This time, it’s Oregon State’s Rejzohn Wright. The 2023 CB class is absolutely stacked, but even with all the competition, Wright might be able to challenge for an early-round spot.

    Rejzohn Wright NFL Draft Profile

    • Position: Cornerback
    • School: Oregon State
    • Current Year: Redshirt Senior
    • Height/Weight: 6’2″, 200 pounds

    Nahshon Wright went 99th overall to the Dallas Cowboys in the 2021 NFL Draft. That’s the number for his brother Rejzohn to beat.

    It won’t be easy, especially in a class loaded with Day 1 and Day 2 talent at the position. But over the past two seasons, the younger Wright has built a compelling case of his own.

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    Interestingly, Rejzohn’s path to the 2023 NFL Draft isn’t so different from his brother’s two years ago. Like his brother, the younger Wright got his start at Laney College at the JUCO level. He played there in 2018 alongside his brother, and again in 2019, before following his brother to the Oregon State Beavers in 2020.

    When Nahshon left for the NFL after the 2020 season, his younger brother took his place as a starting cornerback on the boundary with immediate results. He put up two interceptions and eight pass deflections in 2021 and essentially reciprocated those totals in 2022.

    After earning first-team All-Pac-12 honors in 2022, Wright sold his stock at its highest point and declared for the 2023 NFL Draft. A Senior Bowl commit and a rising commodity in scouting circles, this is what he has to offer.

    Rejzohn Wright Scouting Report


    • Sports a long, compact frame with quantifiably elite proportional length.
    • Fleet-footed, twitchy athlete who can match receiver micro-movements.
    • Has the necessary long-strider recovery speed to limit separation vertically.
    • Has the long-track explosiveness to cover ground out of breaks and close gaps.
    • Displays excellent minute throttle control and response to stimulus in press-man.
    • Can employ disciplined technique, use feet first, and jam receivers with his length.
    • Shows excellent patience on delayed releases and can stay balanced while moving feet.
    • Has good fluidity for his size and can quickly hinge around and open his strides.
    • Flashes outstanding route awareness and can peel off to new routes as they intersect.
    • Extremely physical when engaging blocks in run support, using length to violently deconstruct.

    Areas for Improvement

    • Long speed isn’t quite elite, as true burners can get a step on him.
    • Doesn’t have elite initial explosiveness and often needs a runway to reach top speed.
    • Sometimes grabs and tugs too far upfield to compensate for non-elite initial burst.
    • Sometimes struggles to halt his momentum and sink on transitions back toward the ball.
    • Hip fluidity isn’t quite elite, as he does experience slight delays on sharper transitions.
    • Sometimes lurches past his center of gravity and locks his hips on two-hand jams.
    • At times, lets receivers enter his blind spot and panics, losing his stride.
    • Sometimes gets tunnel vision on blocks in run support and loses track of runner.

    Oregon State CB Rejzohn Wright Current Draft Projection

    Wright grades as a potential top-75 prospect on my board, who’s worth Day 2 consideration in the right scheme. He’d be a priority prospect if he were to fall to Day 3. He’s just one of many CB prospects in the 2023 NFL Draft with size as a calling card, but coaches may be drawn to his physical style.

    Wright has length, and he has the desired proactive physicality to maximize that length. His ability to jam and disrupt receivers is a vital part of his game, but Wright has functional mobility as well. He’s a fleet-footed athlete when matching, with enough long-strider burst and speed to close gaps and blanket throwing windows. He also offers excellent coordination at the catch point and is aggressive in run support.

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    Wright patience and discipline in press-man and off-man coverage, combined with his awareness in zone, gives him some over-arching scheme versatility. But given his relative lack of flexibility and sink when clamping down on routes in space, he might be best in man-dominant schemes, where he can use his length to gather and control receivers.

    Whatever the case, Wright has the tools to be a potential starter on Sundays in the right scheme. And along with his length and long-strider athleticism, he also has the versatility to play on the boundary or in the slot. No one knows how the numbers game will play out at CB this year, but Wright could go within the top 100 picks if all goes his way.

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