Ranking the Top 5 2023 NFL Schedule Release Videos

    We break down our top 2023 NFL schedule release videos, including hilarious announcements by the Titans, Chargers, and more.

    The 2023 NFL schedule release is just as much for the team’s creative staff to flex their abilities as much as it is for fans to start planning their fall trips. While we’re providing wall-to-wall schedule release coverage, we also watched all 32 NFL schedule release videos. We rank our top five announcement videos.

    Top 5 NFL Schedule Release Videos

    5) Buffalo Bills: Dreams Come True

    Unlike most teams, the Bills were able to get several of their biggest stars involved in their schedule release video, and they took the unique angle of having career dreams come true.

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    Seeing Josh Allen deliver papers, Dawson Knox operate a forklift, and Brandin Bryant shine a bald head was endearing and funny. The only knock I have is they didn’t announce their schedule in order.

    4) Jacksonville Jaguars: ‘The Script’

    Several teams tried the “scripted” storyline, but no team did it as well as the Jaguars. The video flows well, so it’s engaging, and the acting was convincing. The interaction between the lead writer, Trevor Lawrence, and “Trevor Lawrence” (safety Andrew Wingard), was fantastic.

    3) Detroit Lions: A.I. Takes Over

    Only one team that tried the A.I. approach actually made it work. The Detroit Lions had their staff write lines that A.I. put into head coach Dan Campbell’s and general manager Brad Holmes’ voices in order to deliver some hilarious moments as they play Madden. Bonus points are given because the Lions went in order of their 2023 schedule.

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    A good “deez nutz” reference is always welcome, and they also snuck in a 28-3 score against the Falcons. The peak came in Week 7 when Campbell tells Holmes, “It’s time to take the field-goal record back,” and the Lions try a 69-yard attempt, to which Holmes replies with “Nice.” The “Amon-Ra St. Clowned” line was also fantastic.

    2) Tennessee Titans: Broadway Guesses

    What happens when you show a bunch of random team logos to people who have no knowledge about the NFL? The Tennessee Titans tried it and made absolute gold.

    The folks in the Titans’ release video did their best and came up with some hilarious guesses, including the “49ers 69ers Stars” (the Steelers), and the “Eagles from Pittsburgh” (the Seahawks).

    1) Los Angeles Chargers: The Anime Takedown

    If the NFL schedule release were a holiday, it would be named in honor of the Chargers’ social media team. Their announcement video had countless references that poked fun at each franchise, including some playful digs at the Vikings and Raiders, but also more pointed ones against the Chiefs and Jets.

    No other team is so willing to push the envelope as much as the Chargers, but I’m so glad they’re here to do it.

    NFL Schedule Release Videos | Honorable Mention

    Before we dive into our top five, I also made an honorable mention of videos that deserve a special shout-out. Though I’m not exactly the target demographic for some of the videos, a handful of teams did well to include some tasteful jabs at their opponents.

    Chicago Bears: ‘The Bear’

    The Chicago Bears wisely made a play on “The Bear,” a Hulu comedy-drama that focuses on a family-run sandwich shop.

    You don’t have to be too familiar with the show to get the humor, but it helps. It would’ve helped to select a show that was more well-known than one with only one season.

    New York Giants: The Escape Room

    The Giants gave us a good look at the personalities of Jihad Ward, Xavier McKinney, Isaiah Hodgins, Korey Cunningham, Darius Slayton, and Adoree’ Jackson in their escape room video.

    There’s a certain level of stress that comes with escape rooms, making this a video that’s entertaining. The chemistry between the players gives this one an authentic feel since there are some good laughs shared.

    Denver Broncos: ‘The Office’

    Admittedly, I’m not the biggest fan of “The Office,” but the Broncos did well to reference some of the most memorable moments while using Peyton Manning and Angela Kinsey, who played Angela in the show.

    There’s a good amount of shade thrown in the schedule release, including calling the Chargers out as chokers and delivering a “present” to the Texans.

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