Quinn Ewers Draft Profile | Texas, QB Scouting Report

We're projecting where Texas quarterback Quinn Ewers could land in the 2024 NFL Draft, breaking down his scouting report in his second season with the program.

The Texas Longhorns have hopes of making the 2024 College Football Playoff. To do so, sophomore quarterback Quinn Ewers must be a star. We’re diving into Ewers’ 2024 NFL Draft scouting report.

Quinn Ewers Draft Profile and Measurements

  • Height: 6’2″
  • Weight: 206 pounds
  • Position: Quarterback
  • School: Texas
  • Current Year: Junior

The top quarterback recruit in his class, Ewers earned near-perfect ratings from high school recruiting services. He enrolled early at Ohio State before transferring after one season to Texas. Ewers started 10 games for Texas in 2022, missing three due to a clavicle sprain in his non-throwing shoulder.

Quinn Ewers Scouting Report


  • Best-in-class natural accuracy and ball placement. Routinely maximizes his receivers’ ability to win at the catch point and create after the catch.
  • Manipulates his touch masterfully, throwing bullets when needed or utilizing angles to mitigate the defenders’ position.
  • Appears to have a thicker build than his listed weight and should continue to fill out over the next decade.
  • Fast release allows him to avoid sacks and dangerous situations.
  • He is a smart player who reads the field well for someone lacking experience. Quickly identifies the coverage and knows where to go with the ball based on the defender’s positioning.
  • Despite his inexperience and suffering from a midseason slump, he was the best player on the field against Alabama, Oklahoma, and Washington.
  • Will turn only 21 in March 2024, so he’ll be one of the youngest players in the NFL.


  • He relies too much on his natural ability as a pocket passer. There were far too many examples of Ewers not stepping into his throws or driving his core to maximize his velocity.
  • He does not have the elite arm strength to overcome consistent mechanical breakdowns or while on the run and cannot set his feet.
  • His creation ability is limited because he’s not a great, agile athlete. He’ll have to be very good in the pocket to be a standout NFL starter.
  • Will hurry his process when under pressure and leave passes short.
  • Coming out of an RPO-based offense that hasn’t exposed him to more complex reads and route concepts.

Current Draft Projection and Summary

It’s unusual to see so much pressure riding on a third-year sophomore. With Arch Manning breathing down his neck, Ewers has to perform well to keep the starting job at Texas or possibly transfer again. It’s not crazy to say Ewers will either be a top-50 pick or play at his third school in as many years in 2023.

He’s shown plenty of reason to be optimistic about projections. Ewers is an obnoxiously talented pocket passer thanks to rare touch and the ability to control the ball as if it were on a string. His unique throwing motion and quick release are reminiscent of Philip Rivers.

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How Ewers takes to coaching and applies his mechanical adjustments will likely determine his outlook.

He has to maximize his physical tools more or be at risk of creating too many turnover-worthy plays because his arm can’t compensate for lazy footwork. On the other hand, fine-tuning and perfecting his lower body’s involvement in throws will make Ewers a feared presence at the next level.

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