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    What Position Group Mike McCarthy Thinks Has the Most Opportunity Going Into the Last Week of the Preseason

    Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy discusses DeMarvion Overshown's injury and what position group can continue to step up this week.

    The Dallas Cowboys fell short to the Seattle Seahawks 22-14 in their second preseason game of 2023. The game itself looked like an improvement from the week prior against the Jacksonville Jaguars, but that wasn’t the main topic of conversation.

    The biggest concern coming out of the game was the amount of injuries that occurred to younger players.

    Mike McCarthy on DeMarvion Overshown

    One of those players was linebacker DeMarvion Overshown, who has been one of the most energizing players in training camp.

    The Cowboys have not said what Overshown’s injury is or how long he could be out. Michael Gehlken with the Dallas Morning News tweeted that according to a source, the Cowboys feared that Overshown had torn his left ACL and an MRI was needed.

    After the game, Nick Harris with the Cowboys tweeted a video of the young linebacker walking to the locker room.

    McCarthy spoke about Overshown’s knee injury, saying that seeing players get hurt is a tough part of the game at any point.

    “He’s had an incredible camp. We talked about him seems like almost every other day, so yeah, I just hope he’s okay,” said McCarthy.

    He gave Overshown credit for showing up in the offseason right away and his ability to fly around and take command, especially for a young player.

    It was noted that both Devin Harper and Jabril Cox started getting more reps in Overshown’s absence. When McCarthy was asked about both of them, he said, “There are going to be some tough decisions there.” 

    He gave credit to the linebacker room for their improvement from last year. Overall, McCarthy said that he’s happy to see Cox back from injury, and Harper had some flashes during the game, so he was looking forward to seeing the tape back.

    McCarthy on the Offensive Line

    Another player injured during the game was offensive tackle Matt Waletzko, who suffered a subluxation on his right shoulder.

    Remember that Waletzko suffered the same injury on his left shoulder last season. When McCarthy was asked about this, he mentioned that he was sending prayers but that it was a chance for the younger players to show out.

    “If there is a position that’s been given a tremendous amount of opportunity this camp, it’s definitely been our young offensive linemen. So they’ll have a full week and an opportunity against [the] Raiders to step up,” said McCarthy.

    What Are McCarthy’s Thoughts on the Young Talent?

    McCarthy has talked about the rookie class and younger guys within the team that have had a great training camp. Additionally, several of the younger guys have put pressure on older players in certain position groups.

    When asked about the younger talent and what he saw during the game, McCarthy said, “This young group has a chance to be pretty damn good.”

    He mentioned how the younger players got to play against the Seahawks’ starters and what an incredible opportunity it was for them.

    McCarthy credited the effort from the team, especially at the beginning of the game when they were moving the ball around the field on the offense, with the defense getting a sack early in the game.

    “There’s always a lot of good football that comes out of these games, and that’s definitely the case tonight. I just hope it’s not overshadowed with these injuries,” said McCarthy.

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