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    Who Did the Pittsburgh Steelers Draft In 2024? Picks, Analysis, and More

    The Pittsburgh Steelers will look to rebuild on the fly with new quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Justin Fields -- can their 2024 draft picks contribute to the cause?

    The Pittsburgh Steelers once again managed to sneak into the playoffs despite struggling on the offensive side of the football for the vast majority of 2023.

    Yet, the arrival of a new offensive coordinator and two starting-caliber quarterbacks should help give this offense a brand new look approaching the upcoming NFL season.

    Here is a closer look at the Steelers’ collection of picks from the 2024 NFL Draft.

    Full List of Steelers Draft Picks By Round

    • Round 1, Pick 20
      Troy Fautanu, OT | Washington
    • Round 2, Pick 51
      Zach Frazier, C | West Virginia
    • Round 3, Pick 84
      Roman Wilson, WR | Michigan
    • Round 3, Pick 98 (from PHI)
      Payton Wilson, LB | NC State
    • Round 4, Pick 119
      Mason McCormick, G | South Dakota State
    • Round 6, Pick 178 (from CAR through ARI)
      Logan Lee, DT | Iowa
    • Round 6, Pick 195
      Ryan Watts, CB | Texas

    Who Did the Steelers Draft in 2024?

    Troy Fautanu, OT, Round 1, Pick 20

    The Steelers are seeking new grit and tenacity in the trenches, by selecting versatile offensive lineman Troy Fautanu out of Washington at No. 20.

    Fautanu was the road grader and top pass-protecting option for Heisman Trophy finalist Michael Penix Jr., who landed at eighth overall to the Atlanta Falcons. But for Fautanu, his 6’3″, 317-pound frame points to a move insider in Steel City.

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    Regardless, PFN’s Ian Cummings raved about watching Fautanu’s game and skillset on the line.

    “Fautanu has one of the more unique physical builds in the 2024 NFL Draft. He measures a notch under 6’4″, yet he has exceptional mass and proportional length and moves very well for his size — particularly as a short-area and lateral mover,” Cummings said.

    Here’s where the next Steelers QB will enjoy the presence of Fautanu in 2024: His pass protecting ability as Cummings points out.

    “Fautanu has all of the necessary athletic components, and he’s also incredibly flexible and nimble in recovery. Beyond those tools, he’s one of the best pass protectors in the class — possessing balance, leverage, adaptable footwork, active and violent hands, and sharp processing speed,” Cummings said.

    Zach Frazier, C, Round 2, Pick 51

    The Steelers came in with a plan to bolster their offensive line and have done so with their first two selections of the draft. After adding Fautanu in Round 1, they come back around and grab their C of the future in Zach Frazier.

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    Cummings is a big fan of Frazier and thinks he is near the top of his position group for the class.

    “Frazier grades out as a top-50 prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft. He’s one of my highest-graded pure center prospects, and he profiles as a quality starter very early in his NFL career. He could be a surprise Round 1 pick, but he presents the best value on Day 2.”

    “Frazier doesn’t quite have the elite athleticism or power that places prospects like Graham Barton and Jackson Powers-Johnson above him. However, he’s still an extremely talented, tenacious, dependable, and scheme-versatile player.”

    Roman Wilson, WR, Round 3, Pick 84

    The Steelers needed a WR this draft, and with their third-round selection, they get their man. Roman Wilson comes in and will instantly look to upgrade Pittsburgh’s passing attack and complement George Pickens on the other side.

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    According to Cummings, Wilson has elite athleticism and can separate from defenders with ease.

    “At 6’0″, 192 pounds, Wilson has hyper-elite explosiveness, angle-destroying long speed, hyperactive short-area agility, and twitch to go along with smooth flexibility and sink as a route runner.”

    “Purely looking at his instant acceleration and effortless bend on out routes and digs, Wilson’s mobility profile isn’t dissimilar to 2022 first-round pick Chris Olave — but with even more top-end speed.”

    Payton Wilson, LB, Round 3, Pick 98

    If it was purely about play on the field, Wilson would have gone much earlier in this draft. However, due to some medical concerns with his shoulder and his knee, he has a bit of a slide before the Steelers take him at the end of the third round.

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    According to Cummings, “On film, Wilson grades out as a top-50 prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft. He has my highest pure film grade in the 2024 LB class and could easily field consideration in the early-to-mid Day 2 range.”

    Mason McCormick, G, Round 4, Pick 119

    The Steelers open up Day 3 with their third offensive linemen, making it clear what their intentions were for this draft. McCormick comes in and instantly brings nastiness and size to a front that desperately needed it coming into the weekend.

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    According to Cummings, “McCormick grades out as an early Day 3 prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft. He could field consideration late in the top 100, but he’d be an even better value acquisition early in the Day 3 range.”

    Logan Lee, DT, Round 6, Pick 178

    With the early sixth-round selection the Steelers look to sure up the middle of their defense with the addition of Logan Lee. Adding size in the middle to help disrupt the running game and pressure the QB is vital, and the Steelers hope that Lee can do that for them after this selection.

    Ryan Watts, S, Round 6, Pick 195

    Steelers round out their draft by selecting a productive defensive back from Texas. Watts will look to come in and find a role on the Steelers defense while most likely focusing on special teams to begin his career.

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