Why the Philadelphia Eagles’ Tush Push Isn’t Going Anywhere (At Least This Year)

The NFL took a close look at the Philadelphia Eagles' rugby-style Tush Push last season but didn't find the sort of injury data needed to ban it.

Rest easy, Jalen Hurts. The NFL isn’t touching the Philadelphia Eagles‘ nearly unstoppable quarterback sneak.

All 32 owners are gathering in Orlando next week for the NFL Annual Meeting, where a bunch of rule changes will be considered and voted upon.

But the Tush Push — which many have decried as an uncompetitive and unsafe play — isn’t on the table.

NFL Not Touching Philadelphia Eagles’ Tush Push

The play, which combines strength, leverage, and math, worked more than nine out of 10 times in 2023.

But given the logistics involved — some 5,000 pounds of humans crashing into each other in a very small space — it’s easy to see why some wonder if it’s safe.

The answer, based on the latest NFL data, is a qualified yes.

“There just wasn’t the sort of injury data that would give” the NFL a reason to make a change, said Jeff Miller, who is the executive vice president overseeing player health and safety. “Concerns, sure, as we’ve discussed. But not the kind of injury data … that the committee would be looking for.”

Troy Vincent, the NFL VP of player operations, said the play was discussed multiple times throughout the season, particularly given the frequency it was used by not just the Eagles but other teams.

“[The Eagles] executed this particular play well,” Vincent said. “Health and safety still have concerns of the ‘What ifs?’, [how to] protect that player that is now flying over the top.

“So there are still concerns of how do you defend the play? And are we [subjecting] players to unnecessary risk? And after lengthy discussions … it was best to say, ‘Leave it alone.’ The Eagles do it well.”

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While the Tush Push might be here to stay, a different, far more dangerous football act could soon be written out of the rulebook.

Owners will vote on banning the so-called “hip-drop tackle” next week, which the NFL says leads to a 20 to 25 times higher injury rate than other tackles. Any measure put up for consideration needs at least 24 yes votes to pass.

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