Philadelphia Eagles Playoff-Clinching Scenarios: Can Philadelphia Lock Up a Playoff Spot in Week 13?

Where do the Philadelphia Eagles stand in the NFC playoff picture, and what scenarios are at play for playoff spots, the division, and the top seed this week?

There is no denying it at this point that the Philadelphia Eagles look to be the best team in the NFL right now. Fresh off another impressive win that saw them rally back and beat the Buffalo Bills in overtime, the Eagles rise to 10-1 on the year and seem to be separating themselves from the pack.

As the season grows longer, legitimate contenders establish themselves every week. And at this point, there’s no denying what the Eagles have done over the last year and a half. With them playing so well and being the first team to double-digit wins, Philadelphia is also the first team with playoff-clinching scenarios available to them.

With the help of PFN’s free NFL Playoff Predictor, let’s take a look at the clinching scenarios they have on the table for Week 13.

Philadelphia Eagles Playoff-Clinching Scenarios in Week 13

For the first time in the 2023 season, an NFL team has the ability to officially lock up a playoff spot. Philadelphia is the lone team that can secure a postseason build in Week 13.

ESPN’s Field Yates alludes to four different scenarios that could clinch a spot for the Eagles. Let’s take a look at them before diving in with a little more detail.

1) Eagles win + Rams lose or tie OR
2) Eagles win + Lions lose + Packers lose or tie OR
3) Eagles tie + Rams lose + Packers lose or tie + Falcons lose or tie OR
4) Eagles tie + Rams lose + Packers lose or tie + NO lose or tie

Clinching Scenario No. 1

The first scenario involves the Eagles securing a win over the San Francisco 49ers with help from a Los Angeles Rams loss against the Cleveland Browns.

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That would put Philadelphia six games ahead of the Rams with five games left to play. Other NFL tiebreakers are involved in making this the case, but this is the simplest path for the Eagles.

Clinching Scenario No. 2

While scenario two is a little more involved than the first one, it too involves the need for an Eagles win. In addition to that, Philadelphia would need help from a Detroit Lions loss to the New Orleans Saints and a Green Bay Packers loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Not undoable by any stretch of the imagination, but simply put — more dominoes would need to fall if the Rams were to win and ruin scenario No. 1.

Clinching Scenario No. 3

Scenario No. 3 is the first that doesn’t involve an Eagles win, but it needs Philadelphia to tie in order for it to happen. In addition to the tie, the Eagles would also need the Rams to lose, plus a Packers loss or tie and an Atlanta Falcons loss or tie.

The first tie scenario is the first time the Falcons are implemented into the equation. Anything but a win against the New York Jets would work in the Eagles’ favor.

Clinching Scenario No. 4

The fourth and final scenario in Week 13 involves another tie for Philadelphia, coupled with three other additional factors as well. With an Eagles tie in this scenario, the Rams would need to outright lose, Green Bay would need to lose or tie, and the New Orleans Saints would need to lose or tie.

While there seem to be several ways for the Eagles to get a playoff spot locked up in Week 13, some are far easier and clearcut than others. Either way, there’s a realistic chance that the Eagles are the first team in the NFL this year to officially be postseason bound.

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