Philadelphia Eagles Playoff History: Wins, Super Bowl Appearances, and More

How have the Philadelphia Eagles fared in the postseason throughout the team's history? We dive deep into the NFL record books to find out.

The Philadelphia Eagles are known to have some of the most intensely passionate fans in pro sports, and those fans have endured it all throughout the team’s storied history. Today, we dive into the postseason record books to find out how much success the Eagles have brought home to the City of Brotherly Love.

*We’ll only consider appearances from the 1970 merger onward.

Philadelphia Eagles Playoff Appearances and Results by Year

  • 2022
    • Divisional Round: Won 38-7 vs. Giants
    • Conference Championship: Won 31-7 vs. 49ers
    • Super Bowl: Lost 38-35 vs. Chiefs
  •  2021
    • Wild Card: Lost 15-31 @ Buccaneers
  • 2019
    • Wild Card: Lost 9-17 vs. Seahawks
  • 2018
    • Wild Card: Won 16-15 @ Bears
    • Divisional Round: Lost 14-20 @ Saints
  • 2017
    • Divisional Round: Won 15-10 vs. Falcons
    • Conference Championship: Won 38-7 vs. Vikings
    • Super Bowl: Won 41-33 vs. Patriots
  • 2013
    • Wild Card: Lost 24-26 vs. Saints
  • 2010
    • Wild Card: Lost 16-21 vs. Packers
  • 2009
    • Wild Card: Lost 14-24 @ Cowboys
  • 2008
    • Wild Card: Won 26-14 @ Vikings
    • Divisional Round: Won 23-11 @ Giants
    • Conference Championship: Lost 25-32 @ Cardinals
  • 2006
    • Wild Card: Won 23-20 vs. Giants
    • Divisional Round: Lost 24-27 @ Saints
  • 2004
    • Divisional Round: Won 27-14 vs. Vikings
    • Conference Championship: Won 27-10 vs. Falcons
    • Super Bowl: Lost 21-24 vs. Patriots
  • 2003
    • Divisional Round: Won 20-17 vs. Packers
    • Conference Championship: Lost 3-14 vs. Panthers
  • 2002
    • Divisional Round: Won 20-6 vs. Falcons
    • Conference Championship: Lost 10-27 vs. Buccaneers
  • 2001
    • Wild Card: Won 31-9 vs. Buccaneers
    • Divisional Round: Won 33-19 @ Bears
    • Conference Championship: Lost 24-29 @ Rams
  • 2000
    • Wild Card: Won 21-3 vs. Buccaneers
    • Divisional Round: Lost 10-20 @ Giants
  • 1996
    • Wild Card: Lost 0-14 @ 49ers
  • 1995
    • Wild Card: Won 58-37 vs. Lions
    • Divisional Round: Lost 11-30 @ Cowboys
  • 1992
    • Wild Card: Won 36-20 @ Saints
    • Divisional Round: Lost 10-34 @ Cowboys
  • 1990
    • Wild Card: Lost 6-20 vs. Redskins
  • 1989
    • Wild Card: Lost 7-21 vs. Rams
  • 1988
    • Divisional Round: Lost 12-20 @ Bears
  • 1981
    • Wild Card: Lost 21-27 vs. Giants
  • 1980
    • Divisional Round: Won 31-16 vs. Vikings
    • Conference Championship: Won 20-7 vs. Cowboys
    • Super Bowl: Lost 10-17 vs. Raiders
  • 1979
    • Wild Card: Won 27-17 vs. Bears
    • Divisional Round: Lost 17-24 @ Buccaneers
  • 1978
    • Wild Card: Lost 13-14 @ Falcons

Eagles Playoff History FAQ

The Eagles’ wild and winding postseason record contains some of the most storied games in NFL history. Let’s break down some of the top highlights.

What’s the Eagles’ Playoff Win/Loss Record?

The Eagles have a 19-24 postseason record following the NFL’s 1970 merger. A whopping 14 of those 19 wins came following the turn of the century, as the Eagles secured just five playoff victories in the 29 years between the 1970 merger and 1999.

How Many Times Have the Eagles Been to the Playoffs?

The Eagles have been to the playoffs 25 times. By far, the Eagles’ most successful regular season stretch of play came during the 2000s, as the team qualified for the playoffs eight times in the ’00s (only failing to reach the postseason in 2005 and 2007).

How Many Super Bowl Appearances Do the Eagles Have?

Philadelphia has reached the Super Bowl four times. In the four times, they represented the NFC in the biggest game of the year, the Eagles faced off against the Oakland Raiders once (1980), Kansas City Chiefs, and the New England Patriots twice (2004, 2017).

How Many Super Bowls Have the Eagles Won?

The Eagles brought home the city of Philadelphia’s first Lombardi Trophy in 2017 when the team took down the Patriots in one of the most thrilling Super Bowl showdowns in NFL history.

The 2017 Eagles were stacked throughout the roster. The offensive line was elite, the defense was playing lights out, and the playmakers were, well, making plays. The one problem: starting quarterback Carson Wentz, a young passer who had firmly cemented himself in the MVP conversation, was injured late in the season and ruled out for the year.

But veteran backup Nick Foles, a player who’d contemplated retirement in the years before, stepped in. Foles led a historic, magical playoff run and was downright superb in the final game of the year, connecting on 28 of 43 pass attempts for 373 yards, three touchdowns, and one interception, going toe to toe with the GOAT himself, Tom Brady.

Brady, for his part, also completed 28 passes, though he amassed a record-breaking 505 yards while tacking on three scores of his own. A strip sack by Eagles edge rusher Brandon Graham was recovered by Derek Barnett, sealing the 41-33 win.

When Was the Last Time the Eagles Made the Super Bowl?

The Eagles last made the Super Bowl during the 2022 NFL season and lost to the Kansas City Chiefs.

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