Patriot League 2022 NFL Draft Scouting Reports include Nick Zakelj and Tim DeMorat

The Patriot League Conference scouting reports include some late-round NFL Draft prospects and talented linebackers.

The Patriot League Conference was dominated by Holy Cross this season on their way to an impressive 10-3 season. However, Fordham University is actually sending the most prospects to the 2022 NFL Draft. Here are the scouting reports for every draft-eligible prospect from the Patriot League.

Patriot League Conference 2022 NFL Draft Scouting Reports

The Patriot League scouting reports include some late-round draft prospects and talented linebackers.

John Smith, CB | Holy Cross

Positives: Opportunistic corner who gets the most from his ability. Runs downfield with opponents, effectively positions himself to break up throws, and gets his head back around to locate the pass in the air. Effectively times pass defenses, gets vertical, and displays good hands for the interception. Quick-footed, shows great awareness, and works hard.

Negatives: Plays to one speed and doesn’t show much of a burst in his game. Not a strong or stout corner.

Analysis: Smith possesses solid ball skills as well as general awareness. But speed will dictate if he ends up making it at the next level.

Malik Hamm, DL | Lafayette

Positives: High-effort, small-school defensive lineman who fires off the snap with an explosive first step, keeps his feet moving, and keeps his hands active. Agile, easily changes direction, and displays a variety of moves to get off blocks. Slides down the line of scrimmage in pursuit of the ball handler. Plays with terrific pad level and consistently gets leverage on opponents.

Negatives: Poor measurables. Easily knocked from the action by the first blocker or sealed from plays. Controlled by opponents.

Analysis: Hamm was a terrific small-school lineman who got the most from his ability. However, he lacks the speed for linebacker and the size for defensive end.

Nick Zakelj, OL | Fordham

Positives: Explosive small-school tackle with large upside. Bends his knees, blocks with leverage, and attacks opponents. Strong and gets movement run blocking. Stays square and out-positions opponents. Patient, displays solid lateral range in pass protection, and keeps his feet moving while working his hands throughout the action.

Correctly places his hands into defenders, steers them from their angles of attack, and gives effort finishing plays. Plays heads-up football and works well with linemates.

Negatives: Slow to the second level. Really doesn’t finish blocks. Overextends in pass protection and must smooth out his footwork.

Analysis: Zakelj was a solid left tackle at Fordham the past two seasons, and he comes with tremendous upside. He offers possibilities at a variety of spots on the offensive line and is worth selecting on the final day of the draft.

Ryan Greenhagen, LB | Fordham

Positives: Tough, disciplined linebacker who sells out to make plays. Breaks down well, uses his hands to protect himself, and keeps the action in front of him. Very instinctive, quickly processes the action, and takes proper angles. Fires upfield and works to get off blocks to make plays.

Remains disciplined with coverage assignments, fluidly flips his hips in transition, and rarely gets knocked off his feet. Squares and wraps up ball handlers at the point of attack.

Negatives: Despite his size, he’s easily taken from the action by blocks. Plays to one speed and does not possess a closing burst.

Analysis: Greenhagen is a tough, heady linebacker who makes plays with instincts and hustle. He possesses solid size, yet poor speed limits his next-level possibilities.

Tim DeMorat, QB | Fordham

Positives: Heady quarterback with nice size. Displays a terrific sense of what’s happening on the field, finds open wideouts, and flashes the ability to beautifully place throws. Patient, sells ball fakes, and buys time for targets. Puts touch on throws and effectively sets up screen passes. Senses the rush and steps up to avoid defenders. Keeps his eyes downfield even when rolling outside the pocket.

Negatives: Tends to stare down the primary target. Often throws behind receivers and has passes get away from him. The further downfield or out to the flanks he throws the ball, the more of an adventure it becomes. Lacks a big-time arm and cannot zip outs or drive deep passes.

Analysis: DeMorat is a competitive passer who did a great job leading the Fordham offense. Nevertheless, he lacks the arm strength and accuracy to be anything other than a practice-squad quarterback.

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