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    Patrick Mahomes Gets Burned by Social Media Director: ‘Focus On Keeping Your Little Brother Out of Jail’

    Patrick Mahomes recently tried to lobby for the NHL's Arizona Coyotes to move to K.C. on Twitter. He wound up getting burned instead.

    Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes has several reasons to smile right now in the thick of the NFL offseason. For starters, he makes $45 million per year. Tough to frown when you’re stacking cheddar that high.

    In addition to that, Mahomes is the reigning NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP. He’s won both awards twice. And he’s a two-time Super Bowl winner. Mahomes is not only on a Hall of Fame trajectory, he might be on a “greatest of all time” trajectory.

    So yeah, it’s pretty all right being Patrick Mahomes. But recently, he caught some shrapnel from, of all places, Arizona Coyotes Twitter.

    Patrick Mahomes Weighs in on NHL Relocation

    See, rumors have surfaced that the Coyotes will be forced to relocate after their proposal to build a $2.1 billion stadium in Tempe, Arizona, was rejected. When Mahomes caught wind of this, he hopped on Twitter and tried to play recruiter, lobbying for the NHL franchise to move to Kansas City.

    “KC Coyotes has a nice ring to it! @NHL what ya think?” Mahomes tweeted, per Deadspin.

    This prompted a response from a woman by the name of Makayla Perkins. Who is Perkins? She is the social media director for Phoenix Sports. And also someone who apparently doesn’t pull many punches.

    “Maybe you should focus on keeping your little brother out of jail and less on our NHL team,” Perkins replied.

    Perkins, of course, is referring to Mahomes’ younger brother, Jackson. The controversial 22-year-old has caught plenty of flak on social media since his brother’s rise to fame. Many see the social media influencer’s behavior as arrogant and attention-seeking.

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    So naturally, those same people were vindicated when Jackson found himself in hot water. The younger Mahomes got arrested recently for his actions at Aspen’s Restaurant and Lounge in Overland Park, a Kansas City suburb.

    Per USA Today’s Jordan Mendoza, Jackson is looking at one battery charge for shoving a restaurant employee and three counts of aggravated sexual battery for grabbing and forcibly kissing a female patron.

    Perkins is definitely leaning into her viral moment. She’s been retweeting many of the positive reactions to her post. And she also changed her Twitter picture to a photoshop of her leaning by a grave dedicated to “KC fans.”

    Patrick Mahomes wisely chose to lay low for a few days and has played it safe in his return to Twitter, commenting on the recent PGA Championship and sharing some Chiefs content. Given the way his last foray into hockey Twitter ended, it’s probably prudent that he steers clear of it for a little bit.

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