Offensive Tackles Drafted in the 2023 NFL Draft

Here's the full list of offensive tackles drafted in the 2023 NFL Draft. Who was selected, and how did the top players perform as rookies?

Which offensive tackles were drafted in the 2023 NFL Draft? Who were the teams that drafted those OTs, and how does the 2023 class compare to previous years?

Which Offensive Tackles Were Drafted in the 2023 NFL Draft?

Paris Johnson Jr., Ohio State | Arizona Cardinals

Round 1, Pick 6

Johnson entered the 2023 NFL Draft as PFN Draft Analyst Ian Cummings’ OT1 and top-ranked offensive lineman in the class. While there were areas of improvement from his scouting report to consider, Johnson’s combination of size, length, athleticism, competitive toughness, and multi-phase technical ability proved alluring for the Cardinals at No. 6 overall.

As a rookie, Johnson was good, not great. He allowed eight sacks, 42 pressures, and committed 12 penalties. While not an immediate stud, he performed well enough to justify the selection, provided he blossoms into the elite offensive lineman he is capable of being.

Darnell Wright, Tennessee | Chicago Bears

Round 1, Pick 10

On Cummings’ board, Wright was a top-three OT prospect in the 2023 NFL Draft, a top-25 overall talent, and a natural right tackle worthy of mid-to-late Round 1 consideration. He had a Day 2 grade coming into the 2022 season, and he effectively delivered on his five-star pedigree, morphing into a high-level performer.

The potential was always visible with Wright, who has a five-star pedigree and visible talent on tape. At 6’5″, 333 pounds, with near-34″ arms, he has dominating size and power, and he also has impressive explosiveness and short-area athleticism for his size. With his burst, he gets off the snap quickly, and with his micro-mobility, he can match rushers, recover, and tempo his footwork off the line.

In his rookie season, Wright, similar to Johnson, was good, not great. He allowed seven sacks, 51 pressures, and committed 11 penalties. Wright has plenty of room for improvement, but nothing about his rookie season suggests he isn’t capable of doing so.

Peter Skoronski, Northwestern | Tennessee Titans

Round 1, Pick 11

Skoronski was viewed as a potential first-round selection and the first offensive lineman taken in the 2023 NFL Draft since the early days of evaluating this class. In many respects, it’s easy to see why.

Despite the smaller-than-desired height and length for an NFL OT, the Northwestern product boasts arguably the greatest technical ability of any offensive lineman in the class while being an explosive athlete with high football intelligence and competitive toughness.

Skoronski wound up being the third OL drafted, but it’s fair to say he performed better than the two selected ahead of him. He allowed a mere five sacks and 32 pressures while committing just one penalty.

Skoronski struggled a bit as a run blocker, but there’s no reason to think he can’t improve in that area in year two.

Broderick Jones, Georgia | Pittsburgh Steelers

Round 1, Pick 14

Jones didn’t progress as much as he could have in 2022, but he still graded out as a Round 1 selection ahead of the 2023 NFL Draft off his most recent tape. The physical tools are a heavy accelerant for Jones’ projection, but at his ceiling, he can truly be a dominant blindside blocker.

As a former five-star recruit, Jones has talent in spades and then some. As an athlete, he’s explosive, amped-up, agile, flexible, and has plenty of range in space. He also has elite proportional length and overall power capacity and can wrestle defenders into submission with his raw strength at the point of attack.

In his rookie year, Jones wasn’t the greatest player, but he was the best lineman on the Steelers. He had a few hiccups run blocking but only allowed four sacks and 29 pressures in pass protection. There’s definitely a ton of potential here, and the Steelers should be optimistic about Jones’ development going forward.

Anton Harrison, Oklahoma | Jacksonville Jaguars

Round 1, Pick 27

Harrison graded out as a first-round prospect in the 2023 NFL Draft. He was a Top 20 prospect on Cummings’ board.

As is often the case with younger prospects, Harrison wasn’t yet a finished product. Leverage management, both in pass protection and in the running game, can be an issue. He’ll play too upright at times and fail to sustain driving blocks, and his hands can be too wide.

Some of Harrison’s issues were on display in his rookie season. He particularly had a hard time run blocking. However, he was quite good in pass protection, allowing five sacks and 27 pressures.

Cody Mauch, North Dakota State | Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Round 2, Pick 48

It’s always risky drafting FCS players. Cody Mauch is an absolutely powerful finisher at the point of attack who explodes off the line and moves very easily in space. He’s a road-grader on the ground who also flashes good footwork, hand usage, and leverage management in pass protection.

However, given the competition he faced, it was difficult to know how he would perform against stronger competition. Unfortunately, Mauch really struggled as a rookie. He was an average pass-blocker, allowing seven sacks and 48 pressures. Where he really struggled was in the run game, performing well below average. Mauch has a lot to improve upon heading into his second season.

Rounds 3-7

7) Tyler Steen, Alabama
Round 3, Pick 65 | Eagles

8) Wanya Morris, Oklahoma
Round 3, Pick 92 | Chiefs

9) Nick Saldiveri, Old Dominion
Round 4, Pick 103 | Saints

10) Blake Freeland, BUY
Round 4, Pick 106 | Colts

11) Dawand Jones, Ohio State
Round 4, Pick 111 | Browns

12) Braeden Daniels, Utah
Round 4, Pick 118 | Commanders

13) Carter Warren, Pittsburgh
Round 4, Pick 120 | Jets

14) Colby Sorsdal, William and Mary
Round 5, Pick 152 | Lions

15) Jordan McFadden, Clemson
Round 5, Pick 156 | Chargers

16) Asim Richards, North Carolina
Round 5, Pick 169 | Cowboys

17) Warren McClendon, Georgia
Round 5, Pick 174 | Rams

18) Jaelyn Duncan, Maryland
Round 6, Pick 186

19) Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu, Oregon
Round 6, Pick 199 | Ravens

20) Cooper Hodges, Appalachian State
Round 7, Pick 226 | Jaguars

21) Nick Broeker, Ole Miss
Round 7, Pick 230 | Bills

22) Jake Witt, Northern Michigan
Round 7, Pick 236 | Colts

23) Ryan Hayes, Michigan
Round 7, Pick 238 | Dolphins

24) Spencer Anderson, Maryland
Round 7, Pick 251 | Steelers

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