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    Observations From the Dallas Cowboys’ Embarrassing Wild Card Exit Loss to the Green Bay Packers

    What are some big takeaways and lessons from the Dallas Cowboys' embarrassing loss to the Green Bay Packers in the Wild Card Round?

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    The Dallas Cowboys ended the season in the most disappointing fashion they could have drawn up after being one and done in the postseason.

    The team fell short of the Green Bay Packers 48-32 after looking completely dismantled.

    Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers Takeaways

    A Feeling of Déjà Vu

    The Cowboys managed to do exactly what they set out to prove otherwise; they can’t win when it matters.

    Despite the promising season that set the team up for success going into the postseason, all they had to do was one thing: win.

    But that wasn’t in the cards for the team, as they allowed themselves to play in a deficit throughout the entire game.

    An eerie feeling overcame AT&T Stadium as the similarities that have plagued the Cowboys in the postseason in the past came back to haunt them once again.

    One of the most concerning issues, and there were many, is that no one seemed to have an answer as to why the team crumbled like it did.

    Ironically, the same exact issues that haunted them in the postseason last year had the same effect against the Packers but somehow packed even more of a punch.

    The Cowboys’ offense looked like a version of themselves that you would only see in a fever dream. This was not only their worst showing all season, but the group was overtaken by miscommunications, panic, and a total lack of motivation to win.

    Dak Prescott’s control of the offense was nonexistent. He was making questionable decisions, which led to a multi-interception day.

    The narrative he worked all season to overcome has officially come back, and there are more questions than answers as to why this only happens in the postseason.

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    But the offense wasn’t all to blame, despite allowing the wheels to fall off.

    The defense didn’t create pressure on Jordan Love, left the middle of the field wide open and vulnerable for explosive plays, and didn’t generate any turnovers.

    The Cowboys played complementary football by not doing anything to prevent a one-and-done loss in the first round of the playoffs despite the talent that should have avoided this outcome.

    Could Jerry Jones Clean House?

    But now, all eyes are on how Jerry Jones will take care of business to ensure this embarrassment doesn’t happen again.

    Although there is plenty of blame for the loss, who will take the fall for it?

    Everything is on the table, and it’s fair to say no one’s job should be safe.

    Although Jones tried to double down that Mike McCarthy’s job security wasn’t in question, this game could change that discussion quickly.

    But since no unit of the team played at the level that got them to the playoffs, it’s hard to say if anyone will have the same job title with the Cowboys by the end of the week.

    It’s a possibility now more than ever that Jones could clean house with how embarrassing of a performance the entire team put on, but only time will tell.

    Regardless, the Cowboys are in for one of their longest offseasons yet.

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