Noah Fifita’s Draft Profile | Arizona, QB Scouting Report

A redshirt freshman phenom from the 2023 season, can Arizona's Noah Fifita leverage his 2025 NFL Draft scouting report into early-round capital?

Don’t make the mistake of counting Arizona QB Noah Fifita out in the 2025 NFL Draft cycle. He may be undersized, and he may have been anonymous up until 2023, but as his production implies, his scouting report bears watching in a wide-open QB group.

Noah Fifita’s Draft Profile and Measurements

  • Height: 5’10”
  • Weight: 195 pounds
  • Position: Quarterback
  • School: Arizona
  • Current Year: Redshirt Sophomore

The situation is ripe for a wild card to emerge at QB in the 2025 NFL Draft. And it’s not out of the question that Fifita could be that signal-caller.

Fifita comes from a football family, and football was a big part of his life early on. He progressed from youth league to varsity at Servite High School in Huntington Beach, Calif. His current Arizona teammate and potential first-round wide receiver, Tetairoa McMillan, was with him all along the way.

By the end of his high school career, Fifita monopolized Servite High’s career passing records, and he was able to take part in the 2022 Polynesian Bowl. He signed with the Arizona Wildcats as a three-star recruit and spent the 2022 season as a backup.

Preserving his redshirt in 2022, Fifita appeared primed to return as a backup in 2023. But when Jayden de Laura went down with an injury early in the season, Fifita took the starting job — and he never relinquished it.

Playing in 12 games with nine starts, Fifita completed 241 of 333 pass attempts (72.4%) for 2,869 yards, 25 touchdowns, and just six interceptions. For his production, he was named Pac-12 Offensive Freshman of the Year.

Listening to him speak, it’s clear Fifita has a passion for the game, and he prides himself on his preparation. But does he have the talent to take his passion to the professional stage?

Fifita’s Scouting Report


  • Agile, twitched-up mover who’s light on his feet and slippery in contact situations.
  • Has enough arm strength to channel solid velocity in the short and intermediate ranges.
  • Has the requisite arm elasticity to maintain velocity while operating off-platform.
  • Eyes stay up off script, and is potent as an off-platform QB with balance and elasticity.
  • Able to use obtuse and sidearm throwing angles to widen windows within the pocket.
  • Can operate off play-action fakes and drive velocity past underneath defenders.
  • Has a gamer’s mentality and is crafty and creative as a scramble drill thrower.
  • Has incredibly clean dropback footwork and mechanics, consistently loading his hips.
  • Reliably accurate passer with precise front foot placement and routinely level shoulders.
  • Has shown he can anticipate WRs breaking open over the middle of the field.
  • Can lead WRs away from defenders and according to RAC on short rhythm passes.
  • Always seems prepared for what defenses give him and plays with an air of calm.
  • Good decision-maker who takes what’s given, but rarely puts the ball in harm’s way.
  • Has the wherewithal to throw the ball away when he’s worked into a corner.
  • Highly-regarded worker and leader who took command as a redshirt freshman in 2023.


  • Is notably undersized for the QB position, with below-average height and weight.
  • Height sometimes causes his field of vision to be blocked, inducing hesitation.
  • Isn’t an elite size-adjusted athlete, which limits his creation capacity and dynamic upside.
  • Quick but not fast, and is used very sparingly as a designed carry threat.
  • Arm strength, while passable, won’t be a surefire strength at the NFL level.
  • Velocity often wanes in the deep range, giving defenders a chance to close ground.
  • Obtuse release sometimes brings too much air beneath the ball, causing high misses.
  • Is sometimes drifting at his launch point, which can skew passes past their targets.
  • At times, can better sense backside pressure and quicken his internal clock.
  • Is sometimes late to recognize interior rushers breaking free, delaying his response.
  • Can be more consistent anticipating breaks as the margin for error will be slim in the NFL.
  • Eyes sometimes idle on initial reads, keying in defenders and allowing them to close in.
  • Still growing as an independent processor, and doesn’t often displace DBs with his eyes.
  • Stimuli on progressions from read-to-read can be faster and more consistent.

Current Draft Projection and Summary

Heading into the 2025 NFL Draft cycle, Fifita grades out as an early-to-mid Day 3 prospect on my board. However, being only a redshirt sophomore, there’s room for him to keep growing, and potentially rise into the early-round ranks with a stellar season.

Listed at 5’10”, 195 pounds, Fifita is notably undersized for the QB position, and this brings complications into his evaluation. A natural parallel to make is Bryce Young, who went first overall in the 2023 NFL Draft cycle at just 5’10”, 204 pounds.

That said, Young was a better athlete, a better processor, and a more dynamic, consistent, and instinctive creative force than Fifita, and there’s an argument to make that Young had a slightly stronger arm as well.

Fifita does have quite a few things going for him. He has an above-average arm for his size, as well as great arm elasticity and angle freedom. And for his age — he’ll be 21 in July — his mechanical feel is extraordinary, and that translates to very good general accuracy.

However, the over-arching concern for Fifita is that his physical profile is closer to average overall. And at the current moment, he’s not quite adept enough as a processor to counteract that. Being as young as he is, that can change with more experience.

If the NFL Draft were today, Fifita would have a chance to be drafted. As it stands, he’s a gamer with good enough tools, impressive mechanical congruence and accuracy, and the composure to be a solid backup or spot starter. With more development, it’s not out of the question that he could grow into something more.

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