NFL World Reacts to Colin Cowherd Leaving Out Dolphins and Cowboys From Super Bowl Bubble

FOX Sports analyst Colin Cowherd gets the NFL world's attention with his interesting choice of teams he left out of his "Super Bowl Bubble."

The thing about sports media is that nowadays, everyone has a take. If you have a camera and a voice, you are as qualified as the next guy to let off a sports take or two. Some sentiments are shared, some not so much. Such is the case with FOX Sports’ Colin Cowherd and his latest segment involving teams that were in his perceived “Super Bowl Bubble.”

While some names such as the Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers, and Philadelphia Eagles feel like easy answers that would be on almost everybody’s list, it is a group of teams that he chose to leave off of the list that has fans scratching their heads a little bit.

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Colin Cowherd Leaves Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys Out of “Super Bowl Bubble”

What makes sports debates so fun is the uniqueness of the conversation. Not every person will agree with everything you say, and as a result, great discourse can ensue. However, in the case of the current sports media climate where ‘Hot Takes’ are all the rage, leaving the Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys out of a Super Bowl conversation seems scorching.

That did not stop Cowherd from doing just that, though.

In addition to the Dolphins and the Cowboys, Cowherd also left out the Joe Burrow-led Cincinnati Bengals as well, and fans took exception to the curiously left-out teams.

One social media user claimed: “This actually good news, he’s infamously wrong about many predictions.”

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Another had a more in-depth breakdown as to why Cowherd was way off with his Dolphins take: “I just don’t know how you can see what the Dolphins are doing on offense, and not consider them contenders. Yes, the defense has been subpar — but it has improved each week and one of the best CBs in football is on the verge of returning.”

Not an ideal response from viewers after presenting your Super Bowl contenders bubble.

The Race to the Super Bowl Is Wide Open

Despite Cowherd leaving out some definitely contending and viable names from his Super Bowl contenders list, the fact of the matter is the chase for a Super Bowl title is wide open, and to suggest teams are out of it on a Friday in Week 7 is just silly.

The Dolphins, Cowboys, and Bengals are all definitely contenders, just like the teams Cowherd put on the list, and that is objectively true. There is a lot of time between now and Super Bowl Sunday, and for that very reason alone, fans of the left-out teams have every right to speak up for their squads.

A lot can change between now, and the big game, and Cowherd could end up being correct when it is all said and done. But to outright dismiss any team, especially any of the teams with their logo on this graphic, is probably not the right move at this time.

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