2020 NFL Win Totals: Who has the best odds?

The PFN betting team's landing page for season-long futures for each NFL team's win total. Over or under? Our analysts dive deep for money-making angles.

The NFL Draft and free agency flew by in our quickly-changing world and the regular season is upon us — the PFN betting team gets you prepared by going on a division by division look at the NFL futures market. NFL win totals should stay fairly constant until the beginning of the season so with the oddsmakers set, let the deep dives begin! As always, whether betting over or under on these NFL win totals by team, in all sports betting situations, check multiple sportsbooks for the best profit return — every little bit counts.

Why listen to us? In our first year making our picks public, which are absolutely free 100% of the time, we finished with a profit margin of $354.75 for our 2019 season-long futures ($25 unit bet), which included yardage futures, award futures (MVP, offensive rookie of the year, etc..), win total futures, and other prop futures like who will make the playoffs and which coach will get fired first.

In addition to the running list of 2020 NFL win totals in this article, there will be comprehensive analysis of other components of the futures market — keep up-to-date by clicking here and bookmarking us!

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