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    NFL Week 7 Predictions: Lions vs. Ravens and Dolphins vs. Eagles Save Underwhelming Slate

    There aren't many dissenting opinions in the NFL Week 7 predictions. The slate of games is pretty self-explanatory, but there are still some great matchups.

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    There is no denying that the Week 7 slate of NFL games lacks pizzazz. However, that does not mean we can or should ignore it. As we learned from games like the Cardinals’ win against the Cowboys in Week 3, anything can happen on a given Sunday. What do PFN’s NFL Week 7 predictions look like?

    From the current NFL standings to team depth charts to coverage of every game in the 18-week NFL schedule, we have all the news from around the league to keep you up to speed!

    Pro Football Network’s Week 7 NFL Predictions

    How did the selection committee fair in Week 6, and who is the new leader in the clubhouse over the course of the season?

    Year to Date

    • Dallas Robinson: 63-30
    • Dalton Miller: 62-31
    • Adam Beasley: 57-36
    • David Bearman: 56-37
    • Jay Morrison: 52-41

    Last Week

    • Robinson: 11-4
    • Beasley: 10-5
    • Morrison: 10-5
    • Miller: 9-6
    • Bearman: 7-8

    These predictions are simply deciding between winners and losers. There are no point spreads here. For that, head over to our Week 7 betting predictions.

    Jacksonville Jaguars at New Orleans Saints

    • Beasley: Jaguars
    • Bearman: Saints
    • Miller: Jaguars
    • Morrison: Jaguars
    • Robinson: Jaguars

    Thursday Night Football can lead to wacky outcomes. Additionally, the Jaguars quarterback is dealing with a knee injury requiring a brace. But the Saints’ offense has its own problems.

    Even with Derek Carr playing relatively well now almost three weeks removed from his shoulder injury, the Saints’ offense is one of the most uninspiring in the league. Their offensive line teeters between barely adequate and horrible, and their offensive structure lacks modernity.

    The Jaguars have outstanding talent on the offensive end, and they’re difficult to slow down when they’re humming along. Their issues have been self-inflicted so far in 2023, and the Saints’ defense remains one of the best in the league. It’d be a shock to see this game get both teams into the 20s in points scored.

    Detroit Lions at Baltimore Ravens

    • Beasley: Lions 
    • Bearman: Lions 
    • Miller: Ravens
    • Morrison: Lions 
    • Robinson: Lions 

    The Ravens might have a small village on IR, but aside from that, they might be the healthiest they’ve been this late in the season in four years. They’ll be relatively healthy against the Lions, which will be critical.

    However, the Lions are dealing with more than a few injuries themselves. Their top three running backs have ailments, and Jonah Jackson and Frank Ragnow are dealing with ankle or foot injuries.

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    Meanwhile, the Ravens’ defense ranks second in EPA and success rate. They’re outstanding against the run and pass, so much so that there’s an excellent chance that Mike Macdonald is not long as a DC because he will be a head coach in the very near future.

    The difference between the two teams so far in 2023 is consistency. Detroit has played good football every week so far, whereas Baltimore has ebbed and flowed.

    Las Vegas Raiders at Chicago Bears

    • Beasley: Raiders
    • Bearman: Raiders
    • Miller: Raiders
    • Morrison: Bears 
    • Robinson: Raiders 

    Davante Adams against the Bears’ secondary is about as unfair as a matchup can get. But it gets worse, because the Bears are without their one trump card, Justin Fields. Although the young quarterback certainly isn’t a polished product, his explosiveness both running and passing are the only things keeping the Bears from drowning offensively.

    But Morrison might be onto something. We’ve often seen a heavy swing of the axe from backup quarterbacks in their first weeks of relief. And it’s not like the Raiders’ defense puts up much of a fight. Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby will have something to say about the Bears’ offense, though.

    Cleveland Browns vs. Indianapolis Colts

    • Beasley: Browns 
    • Bearman: Browns 
    • Miller: Browns 
    • Morrison: Browns  
    • Robinson: Browns 

    One simply cannot watch Gardner Minshew from a week ago alongside what the Browns defense accomplished against the 49ers and think, “Yes, the Colts have a chance here.”

    The Browns’ secondary can line up and match the best receiving corps in the league. That is not exactly the kind of weaponry the Colts boast offensively. Cleveland’s defense is playing like one of the best units of this generation.

    Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots

    • Beasley: Bills
    • Bearman: Bills
    • Miller: Bills
    • Morrison: Bills  
    • Robinson: Bills

    The Patriots are horrific offensively, and they have an injury report the length of War and Peace. The Bills are really good at playing down to their competition every once in a while, but anything but a multi-score win would feel disappointing against this version of Bill Belichick’s Patriots.

    Washington Commanders at New York Giants

    • Beasley: Commanders
    • Bearman: Commanders
    • Miller: Commanders
    • Morrison: Giants
    • Robinson: Commanders

    It’s apparent that we’re well into the meat of the NFL season when looking at the injury reports written for these teams. The Giants had five members not practicing on Wednesday and 10 limited. Among the 15 players were Andrew Thomas (DNP), Evan Neal (DNP), Matt Peart (DNT), John Michael Schmitz (DNP), Daniel Jones (LP), and Saquon Barkley (LP).

    Their entire offensive line, which was already in shambles when healthy, is anything but.

    Not to mention, the Commanders clear the Giants in offensive and defensive EPA. And although they have a severe weak link avoiding explosive plays, the Giants can’t produce them, either.

    Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    • Beasley: Buccaneers
    • Bearman: Buccaneers
    • Miller: Buccaneers
    • Morrison: Buccaneers
    • Robinson: Buccaneers

    In the end, it appears that the selection committee couldn’t trust Desmond Ridder enough to pick Atlanta as the winner of this intradivisional matchup. The young QB has thrown six interceptions over his last three games.

    If he takes care of the ball, the Falcons are talented and well-coached enough on the defensive side of the ball to compete against most teams in the NFL. Offensively, they have a dominating run-blocking offensive line and a myriad of long, athletic weapons.

    Meanwhile, the Buccaneers have even greater three-level talent on the defensive side of the ball. Much like the Falcons, they will go as far as their seemingly underwhelming quarterback will take them. But we’ve seen Baker Mayfield have success at the NFL level, and he’s taken care of the ball thus far in 2023.

    Pittsburgh Steelers at Los Angeles Rams

    • Beasley: Rams
    • Bearman: Rams
    • Miller: Rams
    • Morrison: Steelers
    • Robinson: Rams

    The Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense is horrible, but the last we saw it, they were marching down the field against one of the best defenses in the NFL on a game-winning drive. They also have two dominating pass rushers on the edge that will make life difficult for Matthew Stafford and a great safety that can be devastating for opposing quarterbacks.

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    But Cooper Kupp and Puka Nacua should have a field day against the rest of the Steelers’ secondary. The outcome of this game will likely come down to the Rams’ ability to slow down T.J. Watt and Alex Highsmith.

    Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks

    • Beasley: Seahawks
    • Bearman: Seahawks
    • Miller: Seahawks
    • Morrison: Seahawks
    • Robinson: Seahawks

    Arizona started the season playing at a level nobody expected, but they’ve come crashing back down to Earth since upsetting the Cowboys. And while the Seahawks’ offense — and Geno Smith — looked disjointed against the Bengals, the Cardinals’ defense has been weak in recent weeks.

    Green Bay Packers at Denver Broncos

    • Beasley: Packers
    • Bearman: Broncos
    • Miller: Packers
    • Morrison: Packers
    • Robinson: Packers

    The Denver Broncos remain the league’s worst defense in the NFL. And while the Packers certainly don’t look like world-beaters in 2023, they have been the far more complete team so far.

    Additionally, Denver has been reliant upon explosive plays on offense, and only five defenses allow them at a lower rate. And while Green Bay hasn’t been good at creating explosives on offense, it hasn’t been for lack of trying. If Jordan Love can find his deep ball placement for the week, the Packers should take advantage of a defense allowing an explosive play on a league-worst 14% of snaps.

    Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs

    • Beasley: Chiefs
    • Bearman: Chiefs
    • Miller: Chiefs
    • Morrison: Chiefs
    • Robinson: Chiefs

    Since Patrick Mahomes became the Chiefs’ starting QB, they have won nearly 80% of their games in the regular season. Even if somebody believed that the Chargers would bounce back on a short week against the best team of the past half-decade, it would be foolish to actually pick them.

    Miami Dolphins at Philadelphia Eagles

    • Beasley: Eagles
    • Bearman: Dolphins
    • Miller: Dolphins
    • Morrison: Dolphins
    • Robinson: Dolphins

    The Miami Dolphins’ offense is on a completely different level than anybody else in the NFL. The offense also happens to be particularly strong in attacking the area of the field where the Eagles’ defense is particularly weak. Additionally, Tua Tagovailoa’s ability to get the ball out quickly will mitigate the effectiveness of the Eagles’ imposing pass rush.

    However, A.J. Brown exists, the Dolphins’ passing defense is not great, and their strength — the pass rush — will be slowed down by the Eagles’ offensive line. We also mustn’t forget what happened in Week 1 against the Chargers’ rushing attack. Philadelphia runs the ball much better than Los Angeles.

    San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings

    • Beasley: 49ers
    • Bearman: 49ers
    • Miller: 49ers
    • Morrison: 49ers
    • Robinson: 49ers

    The 49ers are considerably banged up right now, but they’re still significantly more talented than the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings’ offense looked disjointed without their elite WR. And while Brock Purdy finally had a bad day against Cleveland, so has every other quarterback that defense has faced to date.

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