Week 6 in the NFL is over, which means that PFN has another set of Offensive Share Metric (OSM) grades to analyze. For those unfamiliar with OSM, the metric uses the NFL’s Next Gen Stats to measure how responsible a player is for their own production. So, a running back who faced a stacked box on every snap would have a higher grade than one that didn’t.

By extension, the metric is also a way to measure how much a player contributed to their team’s offense overall. For example, a player that had a very productive day statistically, but a low OSM grade, didn’t actually contribute that much offensively because their numbers were primarily the result of their teammates playing well, rather than their own play.

Like most weeks, Week 6 saw several players receive grades that stood out, either because the player performed better or worse than expected, or because their OSM grade and their conventional statistics did not match up. If you only looked at conventional statistics, the performances of many of these players might go unnoticed. That won’t always be the case, as there are many instances in which a player’s OSM grade will coincide with their level of statistical production. However, the OSM allows us to find players who played better (or worse) than appearances might initially suggest.

On this week’s list, there are a couple of returning players from last week, and several truly fascinating grades from players that you wouldn’t necessarily have thought of. Some of the highlights include a couple of players with grades below single-digits (one actually ending up in the negatives), and an unexpected running back receiving the highest grade at his position.

So, without any further delay, here are three surprising performances, and three disappointing ones, from Week 6*.

*The Monday night game was not included