NFL Videographer Suspended Over Viral Tyreek Hill Backflip Celebration Video

NFL videographer Kevin Fitzgibbons went viral earlier this season during Tyreek Hill's backflip celebration. What led the league to suspend him?

NFL videographer Kevin Fitzgibbons was part of a viral moment earlier this season when star wide receiver Tyreek Hill took his phone and did a backflip during a touchdown celebration.

Fitzgibbons was suspended from his role with the league for the remainder of the season after being hired to take video at all of the Miami Dolphins home games.

What led the league to take such a step?

NFL Videographer Suspended After Tyreek Hill’s Viral Celebration

It stems from Hill’s viral moment during the Dolphins’ Week 6 win over the Carolina Panthers, a game they dominated 42-21. It was also a productive day for Hill, who caught six passes for 163 yards and one touchdown.

Fitzgibbons was filming from behind the end zone when Hill caught that touchdown pass during the second quarter of the game, and Hill immediately ran over to him after finding the end zone. Hill grabbed Fitzgibbons’ phone from his hand and did a backflip while it was still recording.

The clip made its way onto social media and quickly went viral for the uniquely up-close view and rarity of the celebration.

Hill’s use of a prop in the celebration resulted in a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. He said after the game that he expected to be fined for it.

Fitzgibbons also served as Hill’s social media manager at the time, leading some to speculate that the celebration was pre-planned. Hill commented to the contrary after the game.

“It’s just one of those things that kind of happened,” Hill said. “I saw the camera, and I just took it from him, and he didn’t want me to take it from him. So I just called my shot.”

Hill later added: “I know the NFL is going to fine me, but it’s worth it, though, just being able to create memories I can look back on when I’m done playing is always something I think of every time I play this game. Every time I step on the field, I’m going to try to make it memorable.”

Fitzgibbons has also previously done video work for Pro Football Network.

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He posted a video to his social media accounts on X (formerly known as Twitter) and Instagram discussing the matter and announcing his suspension for the remainder of the season following the incident.

“The NFL then let me know that I would be suspended for the remainder of the season, and possibly for good,” Fitzgibbons said in the video.

“They said regardless of whether I knew the celebration was coming or not, I still had to be disciplined and that I shouldn’t have jumped on the sidelines after the play. One of the best moments of my life turned upside down in a matter of seconds.”

Fitzgibbons’ suspension raised outcry across social media with many accounts calling on the NFL to walk back its actions, including Hill, who said, “I would comment but I could get fined.”

However, there were also some who defended the NFL. One such person was Connor Harrison, who serves as a producer/cinematographer for the Carolina Panthers.

“Well, here’s the thing,” Harrison tweeted. “You were hired and credentialed as an employee of the NFL, not the Dolphins/Tyreek. You can’t celebrate one team scoring and not expect consequences. You don’t see refs or the chain crew jumping for joy after a team scores, so a credential suspension fits.”

Fitzgibbons plans to continue working in the industry, whether remaining in the NFL world or moving to another sports organization.

“I get why the NFL made this decision and wish I could have done something to prevent it, but I’m thankful for the memory that Tyreek gave me,” Fitzgibbons said. “This was the greatest job in the world, and I never took a day for granted. I can’t thank the NFL enough for the opportunity.

“Whether it’s back with the NFL or starting a new sport, I just hope to get another chance at doing what I love.”

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