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    NFL Standings Week 11: Where Do Teams Like the Dolphins, Ravens, Cowboys, and Others Land?

    What are the NFL standings after the Week 11 slate of games? Who leads each division, and have any teams locked things up at this point?

    As the NFL season continues on, each game matters, and the standings become more and more meaningful. As you await to see where your favorite team lands in their hunt for a playoff spot, each win or loss could mean the difference between a division title or even a better draft pick.

    What Are the Current NFL Standings for Each Division?

    AFC East

    After a surprising loss to the Denver Broncos in Week 10, the Buffalo Bills are falling behind in the AFC East. But with a win against their division rival Jets, Buffalo now sits only one game behind Miami.

    Yes, the New York Jets are still technically alive, but with Aaron Rodgers now only expected back in Week 16, it will be hard for them to remain competitive with Zach Wilson under center.

    • Miami Dolphins 7-3
    • Buffalo Bills 6-5
    • New York Jets 4-6
    • New England Patriots 2-8

    AFC North

    The AFC North, from top to bottom, is one of the toughest divisions in the NFL. The Baltimore Ravens currently sit at the top with eight wins and seem to be separating themselves from the pack as the division has since lost Deshaun Watson and Joe Burrow for the year.

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    Anything is possible in this hard-nosed division, but it looks like it’s shaping up to be the Ravens’ to lose.

    • Baltimore Ravens 8-3
    • Cleveland Browns 7-3
    • Pittsburgh Steelers 6-4
    • Cincinnati Bengals 5-5

    AFC South

    The Jacksonville Jaguars currently have a one-game lead over the Houston Texans, but C.J. Stroud and Co. have looked good, especially with Stroud playing at a literal MVP pace.

    Meanwhile, the Indianapolis Colts got the win in Week 10 against the Patriots. They’re now 5-5 and trying to compete for a playoff spot with backup QB Gardner Minshew.

    • Jacksonville Jaguars 7-3
    • Houston Texans 6-4
    • Indianapolis Colts 5-5
    • Tennessee Titans 3-7

    AFC West

    With the way things change in just one play, you can never say never in the NFL, but this division looks about as sure of a thing as there is. The Chiefs are sitting at the top with seven wins, while the three teams below them are below or close to .500. Don’t look now, but the Broncos have won four games in a row after starting the season 1-5.

    • Kansas City Chiefs 7-3
    • Denver Broncos 5-5
    • Las Vegas Raiders 5-6
    • Los Angeles Chargers 4-6

    NFC East

    The Philadelphia Eagles just took down the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football. To say they are in elite form would be an understatement. It cannot be stressed how impressive it was to defeat Andy Reid and the Chiefs coming off of their bye week. Yes, the Cowboys are good and have kept up, but this is the Eagles division to lose.

    • Philadelphia Eagles 9-1
    • Dallas Cowboys 7-3
    • Washington Commanders 4-7
    • New York Giants 3-8

    NFC North

    The Detroit Lions have looked like one of the better NFC teams this season. However, don’t look now, as the Minnesota Vikings have put together an impressive win streak and are 6-4.

    Losing Kirk Cousins for the season, many planted the flag in the team’s season and counted them out. But Joshua Dobbs was acquired at the deadline and revitalized the team’s playoff chances. They now look like the Lions’ only true test. However, a heartbreaking loss to the Broncos on Sunday Night Football made their division hopes a bit more unrealistic.

    • Detroit Lions 8-2
    • Minnesota Vikings 6-5
    • Green Bay Packers 4-6
    • Chicago Bears 3-8

    NFC South

    The NFC South is a mixed bag right now, and it could be anyone’s division in 2023. Last season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made it to the playoffs with a losing record. This year, three teams hover around the .500 mark.

    While the New Orleans Saints are in pole position, this division promises to be an exciting finish, with it looking like a three-team race for the title — even if the winner could end up below .500 once again.

    • New Orleans Saints 5-5
    • Atlanta Falcons 4-6
    • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-6
    • Carolina Panthers 1-9

    NFC West

    The Seahawks and 49ers are currently competing for the NFC West crown. However, what seems close in record does not necessarily represent reality. San Francisco is in a class of their own now that Brock Purdy is healthy. Meanwhile, the Seahawks just lost to the Rams and saw their starting QB, Geno Smith, go down with an injury. He eventually returned, but will he be 100 percent moving forward?

    • San Francisco 49ers 7-3
    • Seattle Seahawks 6-4
    • Los Angeles Rams 4-6
    • Arizona Cardinals 2-9

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