NFL Schedule Rumor: Latest Rumblings Indicate Netflix Might Broadcast Christmas Day Games

The NFL has found plenty of ways to maximize its broadcast revenue. Could a deal with Netflix be in store for the league's 2024 Christmas Day games?

The NFL has found plenty of creative ways to generate new streams of revenue from its broadcasting rights and has reportedly looked to do so again with this year’s Christmas Day games. A new rumor indicates the league might ultimately partner up with one of the giants of the streaming world to broadcast those contests.

Could Netflix Broadcast NFL’s 2024 Christmas Day Games?

WFAN’s Boomer Esiason, who previously starred in the league as a longtime quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals and other franchises, turned some heads Wednesday in discussing the league’s upcoming Christmas Day broadcast plans.

Esiason raised the topic during his daily weekday morning radio show and said he would not be surprised if Netflix is ultimately involved in streaming the games.

“I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am,” Esiason said. “Do not be surprised if the NFL and Netflix get in bed for a nice little Christmas Day football games. I would not be surprised.”

Esiason’s comments raised some heads around the NFL world given previous reporting has indicated that many other media partners were among those slated to bid on the league’s Christmas Day games.

Front Office Sports (FOS) initially reported back in April that the league was set to auction off TV rights for its two 2024 Christmas Day games with bidding open to all of its media partners, including CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN-ABC, and Amazon Prime Video. At that point, FOS reported that games were “more likely to appear on linear TV networks than streaming platforms,” per sources with direct knowledge of the league’s strategy.

If Esiason is to be believed, Netflix may now have inserted itself into the fray as well and could end up being the broadcast partner for the league’s 2024 Christmas Day games.

The price tag is expected to be steep for whichever media partner ultimately broadcasts the games. Amazon Prime Video previously paid the NFL $100 million for exclusive streaming rights to the league’s first Black Friday game this past season.

Andrew Brandt, a former Green Bay Packers executive turned consultant, estimates the Christmas Day games could end up selling for a 20% to 25% increase on the Black Friday price tag, according to FOS. Former ESPN executive John Kosner told FOS that he felt the Christmas Day games could sell for $75 million to $100 million apiece.

Either way, it’s expected to be another massive broadcasting payday for the NFL, one that seems to have made it too lucrative for the league to pass on having Christmas Day games this year despite the holiday falling on a Wednesday.

Time will tell which media company ultimately broadcasts the contests.

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