NFL Referee Assignments Wild Card Round: Refs assigned for each playoff game this week

Which NFL refs have been given assignments in Wild Card Weekend, and who will the referees each have on their crew this week?

Which NFL refs have been assigned to the six games across Saturday, Sunday, and Monday on Wild Card Weekend? Which NFL referees have been rewarded for their performance this season with playoff assignments, and who makes up each crew this weekend?

NFL Referee Assignments for Wild Card Weekend | Saturday

Which NFL refs have been given assignments on Saturday of Wild Card Weekend, which games will they be officiating, and who will be making up their crew and the alternates this weekend?

During the playoffs, crews are assigned from the NFL’s officiating roster. These crews are different from the ones that worked together during the 2021 season. You can see which officials were assigned to which crew during the regular season with our list of officiating crews in 2021.

Raiders vs. Bengals | Jerome Boger

Boger will take charge of his seventh postseason game in 16 years as an NFL referee. This will be his third Wild Card assignment for the referee who led Super Bowl XLVII back in 2013.

Boger’s crew threw the sixth-fewest flags in the 2021-22 season, averaging 11.3 flags per game. Interestingly, of their 181 flags thrown this year, 91 have been on the home team compared to 90 against the road team.

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Here is Boger’s crew and the alternates for Wild Card Weekend:

  • Referee: Jerome Boger
  • Umpire: Barry Anderson
  • Down Judge: Frank LeBlanc
  • Line Judge: Mark Steinkerchner
  • Field Judge: Joe Blubaugh
  • Side Judge: David Meslow
  • Back Judge: Matt Edwards
  • Replay Official: Tyler Cerimeli
  • Replay Assistant: Mark Bitar

Alternates: John Hussey (R), Alan Eck (U), Tom Stephan (DJ), Jeff Lambeth (SJ), Greg Yette (BJ).

Patriots vs. Bills | Brad Allen

In his eighth season as an NFL referee, Allen will direct his fourth postseason game and third Wild Card Weekend matchup. Here is Allen’s crew and the alternates for Wild Card Weekend:

  • Referee: Brad Allen
  • Umpire: Mark Pellis
  • Down Judge: Dana McKenzie
  • Line Judge: Julian Mapp
  • Field Judge: Aaron Santi
  • Side Judge: Dominique Pender
  • Back Judge: Perry Paganelli
  • Replay Official: Andrew Lambert
  • Replay Assistant: Kirt Shay

Alternates: Scott Novak (R), Bruce Stritesky (U), Kevin Codey (DJ), Tom Hill (SJ), Jimmy Russell (BJ).

NFL Refs for Wild Card Weekend | Sunday

Which refs will be under the microscope on Sunday of Wild Card Weekend as we have a packed day with three back-to-back games?

Eagles vs. Buccaneers | Craig Wrolstad

A familiar face in the postseason, Craig Wrolstad will officiate his 12th postseason game in 19 years as an official. Here is Wrolstad’s crew and the alternates for Wild Card Weekend:

  • Referee: Craig Wrolstad
  • Umpire: Roy Ellison
  • Down Judge: Patrick Turner
  • Line Judge: Daniel Gallagher
  • Field Judge: Greg Gautreaux
  • Side Judge: Chad Hill
  • Back Judge: Brad Freeman
  • Replay Official: Kevin Stine
  • Replay Assistant: Gavin Anderson

Alternates: Carl Cheffers (R), Tra Blake (U), Kent Payne (DJ), James Coleman (SJ), Terrence Miles (BJ).

49ers vs. Cowboys | Alex Kemp

In eight seasons in the NFL, Alex Kemp has officiated in three Wild Card Weekend games. Entering his fourth, here is Kemp’s crew and the alternates for Wild Card Weekend:

  • Referee: Alex Kemp
  • Umpire: Ramon George
  • Down Judge: Jim Mello
  • Line Judge: Mark Stewart
  • Field Judge: Nate Jones
  • Side Judge: Dave Hawkshaw
  • Back Judge: Grantis Bell
  • Replay Official: Mike Chase
  • Replay Assistant: Durwood Maloney

Alternates: Land Clark (R), Terry Killens (U), Mike Dolce (DJ), Michael Banks (SJ), Greg Wilson (BJ).

Steelers vs. Chiefs | Shawn Smith

In his seventh season as an NFL official, Shawn Smith will officiate in his sixth postseason game. Here is Smith’s crew and the alternates for Wild Card Weekend:

  • Referee: Shawn Smith
  • Umpire: Tab Slaughter
  • Down Judge: Patrick Holt
  • Line Judge: Tim Podraza
  • Field Judge: John Jenkins
  • Side Judge: Jimmy Buchanan
  • Back Judge: Rich Martinez
  • Replay Official: Kevin Brown
  • Replay Assistant: Bob Hubbell

Alternates: Brad Rogers (R), Tony Michalek (U), Jeff Seeman (DJ), Allen Baynes (SJ), Steve Patrick (BJ).

NFL Refs for Monday Night Football

Which of the NFL referees has drawn the assignment to close out Wild Card Weekend on Monday Night Football?

Cardinals vs. Rams | Clay Martin

Also in his seventh season as an NFL official, Clay Martin will officiate his third postseason game. Here is Martin’s crew and the alternates for Wild Card Weekend:

  • Referee: Clay Martin
  • Umpire: Carl Paganelli
  • Down Judge: Danny Short
  • Line Judge: Brian Bolinger
  • Field Judge: Jabir Walker
  • Side Judge: Dale Shaw
  • Back Judge: Tony Josselyn
  • Replay Official: Brian Matoren
  • Replay Assistant: Randy Campbell

Alternates: Adrian Hill (R), Steve Woods (U), Tom Eaton (DJ), Dyrol Prioleau (SJ), Greg Meyer (BJ).

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