NFL Official Debunks Wild Conspiracy Theory Around the Viral Super Bowl Colors Myth

The NFL put to rest the 49ers-Ravens theory behind the Super Bowl 58 color schemes. What's the real reason behind the logo colors and theme?

For the past month, there were theories that the Super Bowl 58 logo coloring gave away the potential forthcoming matchup before the game was set.

With the blend of red, purple, and silver, many began theorizing that the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens would meet at Allegiant Stadium. That theory fell apart as the Ravens lost in the AFC Championship Game to the Kansas City Chiefs.

However, the NFL has since debunked the logo rumors and gave an explanation behind the color schemes.

Super Bowl Colors Give Vegas Theme

NFL public relations representative Brian McCarthy took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to shed light on the true meaning behind the logo color schemes.

Long story short, there was no mention of the Vegas Super Bowl believing the 49ers and Ravens would meet in Sin City. The real reason behind the schemes dealt more with a Vegas theme.

“Why purple? We’ve had a Draft & 2 Pro Bowl events here in last few yrs. So went w/ something unique. Theme taps into feeling of modern royalty & battle for crown. Purple is tied to royalty thruout history. Unveiled day after last yr’s game,” McCarthy shared.

Sounds like this year’s game wanted to roll with a “royal” theme. After all, that word is often associated at the poker tables for “Royal Flush” in Vegas.

Purple is also a popular color in the city which has been visible at the Cosmopolitan Resort and Excalibur, which has its own royalty theme inside.

Again, McCarthy and the NFL’s explanation debunks these theories from the last three Super Bowl contests.

Was Logo Revealed Before the Season?

Turns out the Super Bowl 58 logo was revealed way before the 2023 season. In fact, as McCarthy pointed out, the logo and its colors were unveiled following the Chiefs’ 38-35 win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Even then, the theories or predictions for a 49ers-Ravens Super Bowl matchup weren’t sprouting across the internet at the conclusion of Super Bowl 57.

Those thoughts began to intensify when both teams were pursuing the top seed in their respective conferences. Visions of a big-game rematch in Vegas were on the minds of fans.

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Well, the Feb. 11 contest will indeed get a highly anticipated rematch — but one from four years go.

It marks the second time this century that two teams will have their rematch in a span of four years. The last was the New York Giants and New England Patriots in the 2011 season, with their last battle taking place in the 2007 campaign.

Is the Super Bowl 59 Logo Already Leaked?

Now that the NFL squashed the theories of creating a logo for a San Francisco versus Baltimore matchup, there’s wondering if the Super Bowl 59 logo has already been created and leaked out. There’s already the rumor that a sample of it is out.

Next year’s game heads to New Orleans at the Caesars Superdome. Ironically, the last time the big game was held there was when the 49ers and Ravens faced each other.

If the purple, green, and black coloring holds true, there will likely be fans envisioning an Eagles-Ravens contest in February 2025. Or perhaps a Vikings versus Jets meeting. Those are the four teams known for having either one of the three as their primary colors.

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