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    NFL Picks, Predictions Week 8: Can the Jaguars and Lions spring upsets in Week 8?

    As the 2021 NFL season continues to twist and turn, what are our early Week 8 picks and predictions with some intriguing games on the slate?

    With Week 8 of the 2021 NFL season on the horizon, what are our early picks and predictions for the NFL betting week ahead? With another eye-opening week of NFL action in the books for this season, what does Week 8 potentially have in store for us?

    NFL picks and predictions Week 8 | NFL lines and odds

    The Week 8 schedule has some tough games, making it difficult for the sportsbooks to set lines. That has led to some intriguing situations in the current NFL odds for Week 8. With the NFL standings for 2021 foreshadowing some dramatic finishes, let’s look at how the sportsbooks have handicapped the Week 8 NFL action and whether our picks and predictions agree with their thoughts.

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    Thursday Night Football picks and predictions | Week 8

    Here are the Week 8 picks, predictions, and NFL odds for Thursday’s game as of 5:30 AM ET on October 25.

    Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals (-3.5)

    This has the makings of an incredible edition of Thursday Night Football. The Cardinals rank fourth in the league in points per game, while the Packers sit closer to the league average at 14th. Arizona’s stats on both offense and defense are superior, but writing off Aaron Rodgers and the Packers is a dangerous thing to do. This could come right down to the wire in Glendale.

    Packers vs. Cardinals Prediction: Cardinals 27, Packers 24

    Sunday Week 8 free NFL picks and predictions

    Here are the Week 8 picks and predictions and NFL odds for Sunday’s games as of 5:30 AM ET on October 25.

    Cincinnati Bengals (-10) at New York Jets

    The Bengals have had a superb start to the 2021 season. Their victory over the Ravens in Baltimore announced them as genuine AFC contenders. Meanwhile, the Jets limp into this game potentially without Zach Wilson under center. Realistically, the only difference Wilson likely makes here is whether the Jets cover the 10-point spread or not.

    One note of caution — beware of a slow start from the Bengals after their marquee win in Week 7. It should not change the result, but it could make for an uncomfortable experience if you bet on them.

    Bengals vs. Jets Prediction: Bengals 28, Jets 17

    Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts (-1)

    The Titans are coming off statement wins over the two favorites in the AFC. Now, they have a chance to advance to 6-2 and separate themselves from their AFC South rival, having already beaten the Colts in Week 3.

    While Indianapolis is fighting hard, they have struggled when the competition level has stepped up. Their win over the 49ers was a resilient performance, but a victory over the Titans would be the Colts’ best win of the season. It is somewhat surprising that Indy is the favorite. Unless Tennessee lets the emotion of the past two weeks affect them, they should win this matchup.

    Titans vs. Colts Prediction: Titans 24, Colts 21

    Los Angeles Rams (-14.5) at Houston Texans

    The Rams nearly made a complete mess of their matchup with the Lions in Week 7. They came away comfortable winners in the end, and the win prediction models never felt they were in trouble. However, the way they were out-thought by Detroit is a cause for concern.

    The Texans will be in the headlines leading up to the 2021 NFL trade deadline. However, if they want to come away winners here, they will need to use tricks similar to those the Lions deployed against LA. The Rams should win comfortably, but covering a 14-point spread is never something that feels comfortable to bet on.

    Rams vs. Texans Prediction: Rams 30, Texans 13

    Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns (-3)

    The Browns will be ecstatic to get out of Week 7 with a victory despite not having Baker Mayfield. However, beating the division-rival Steelers without him will be a different task. Mayfield’s status shapes how the outcome of this game looks. With him, Cleveland should be expected to win. Without him, Pittsburgh should be able to make this close.

    Steelers vs. Browns Prediction: Browns 23, Steelers 20

    Philadelphia Eagles (-3.5) at Detroit Lions

    This matchup between the Eagles and Lions has a feeling of an upset about it. Detroit is desperate to win a game — we have seen that every week. Meanwhile, Philadelphia apparently only steps up in the fourth quarter. The Lions will throw everything at the Eagles this week, and it might just be enough for their first win of the season.

    Eagles vs. Lions Prediction: Lions 24, Eagles 23

    San Francisco 49ers (-4) at Chicago Bears

    It is virtually impossible to trust either of these two teams this week. The 49ers cannot seem to get out of their own way and have now lost four straight. The Bears are coming off an embarrassing loss in Tampa Bay, and their offense appears to be in tatters. If any game in Week 8 deserves to end in a tie, it is this one.

    In a game with struggling teams, take whoever is getting the points at the time. Nonetheless, I’m staying away.

    49ers vs. Bears Prediction: Bears 20, 49ers 20

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    Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons (-3)

    After what appeared to be a promising start to the 2021 season, the Panthers are in trouble. Sam Darnold was benched in Week 7, and Carolina gave up 25 points to a Giants offense that has struggled this year. The Falcons have won two straight, but both have victories been a fight. Consequently, this should be a close game, but how do you trust the Panthers after what we have seen the last few weeks?

    Panthers vs. Falcons Prediction: Falcons 27, Panthers 20

    Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills (-13.5)

    Look away, Dolphins fans — this could be yet another ugly game. The Bills knocked Tua Tagovailoa out of their Week 2 meeting and then shut out the Dolphins. The only difference Tua likely would have made to the result is Miami may have at least scored some points. This should be a comfortable victory for Buffalo.

    Dolphins vs. Bills Prediction: Bills 30, Dolphins 17

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    New England Patriots at Los Angeles Chargers (-6)

    The Patriots had their fun at the expense of the Jets in Week 7, but now it is back to reality. At this point, the Chargers are simply in a different tier from the Patriots in the AFC. Bill Belichick will need to outcoach Brandon Staley and hope Los Angeles comes off its bye week flat if New England is going to sneak out a win here.

    Patriots vs. Chargers Prediction: Chargers 27, Patriots 21

    Jacksonville Jaguars at Seattle Seahawks (-3.5)

    Monday Night Football in Week 7 will give us a better idea about this game, but this could be a perfect opportunity for the Jaguars to get two straight wins. Coming off their bye, Jacksonville faces a Seahawks team coming off a short week without their franchise QB.

    I cannot believe I am saying this, but unless Urban Meyer coaches his team out of the game, this one has road underdog victory written all over it.

    Jaguars vs. Seahawks Prediction: Jaguars 22, Seahawks 20

    Washington Football Team at Denver Broncos (-3)

    This is a matchup between two teams who came into the year with so much hope. Their respective seasons have fizzled out in spectacular style. Washington is on a three-game losing streak, while the Broncos have lost four straight. Denver’s offense has to gain some traction, and if it doesn’t, at least one coach should probably get fired ahead of Week 9.

    Washington vs. Broncos Prediction: Broncos 24, Washington 21

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-4.5) at New Orleans Saints

    Strange things tend to happen in the NFC South, but this should not be one of them. The Buccaneers have largely dismissed all who challenge them in 2021 — this should not be any different.

    The Saints’ secondary is a good unit, but their pass rush should not cause Tom Brady any issues. The only real question is whether Jameis Winston can make enough plays against his former team to make this interesting.

    Buccaneers vs. Saints Prediction: Buccaneers 30, Saints 20

    Dallas Cowboys (-2) at Minnesota Vikings

    This has the makings of a fun Sunday Night Football game. However, the Cowboys’ offense should ultimately prove too strong for the Vikings. Dallas is averaging 10 points more per game on offense than Minnesota. Meanwhile, defensively, there is just a two-point difference between their per-game performances in 2021.

    Cowboys vs. Vikings Prediction: Cowboys 34, Vikings 27

    Monday Night Football: Free NFL picks and predictions

    Here are the Week 8 picks and predictions and NFL odds for Monday’s game as of 5:30 AM ET on October 25.

    New York Giants at Kansas City Chiefs (-10)

    There is every chance this matchup sees the Giants become a sacrificial lamb to an angry Chiefs team. Kansas City was just humiliated by the Titans. Furthermore, their shot at a bye in the AFC playoffs hangs by a thread given their four losses. Kansas City’s defense should give Jones and the Giants a chance to cover the spread, but the Chiefs will win the game.

    Giants vs. Chiefs Prediction: Chiefs 35, Giants 24

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