Latest on the NFL/NFLPA CBA, Scouting Combine, and Free Agency (Draft Insiders Podcast)

The NFL and NFLPA will be meeting to review the latest CBA proposal. Here's what we hearing regarding the sticking points and who has all the leverage. Tune in for all of this and more on this week's PFN NFL's Draft Insiders Podcast.

In this week’s episode of PFN’s NFL Draft Insiders, Tony Pauline and Matt Cannata talk about a wide variety of topics, including the latest on the NFLPA/NFL negotiations regarding the new collective bargaining agreement (CBA), the NFL Scouting Combine, and the latest on what Tony is hearing regarding free agency.

To kick off the show, Pauline reveals plenty of inside information based on what he’s hearing from multiple sources regarding the NFL/NFLPA CBA. What are the sticking points of the deal, how much in a rush are they to get it done (and why), and when would the 17-game schedule go into effect?

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The conversation then shifts to the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine, where the pair talk about how much it has evolved over the years, what drills are actually meaningful, and why some of the Los Angeles Rams and Denver Broncos assistant coaches are staying home. Additionally, Tony recalls some of the most memorable stories that he has witnessed during his nearly 20 years attending the Combine.

Finally, Pauline dishes out the latest on what he’s hearing regarding the NFL Draft and free agency. For Washington Redskins fans, you’re going to want to hear what Tony has to say regarding the second overall pick.

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Tony Pauline is the Chief Draft Analyst for Pro Football Network. You can read all of Tony’s work here and give him a follow on Twitter @TonyPauline.