NFL News and Rumors: Lamar Jackson Injury-Prone? Aaron Rodgers Trade Held Up? Plus, Israel Abanikanda Headlines Pitt Pro Day

As the NFL Pro Day schedule and NFL free agency roll on, we bring you the latest news and rumors, including Lamar Jackson, Aaron Rodgers, and more.

NFL News and Rumors: Lamar Jackson Injury-Prone? Aaron Rodgers Trade Held Up? Plus, Israel Abanikanda Headlines Pitt Pro Day

The NFL Pro Day circuit is in full force, with some of the biggest programs across the nation hosting events. This is the last chance for 2023 NFL Draft prospects to make their case to be drafted before April’s three-day mega event. Though some pro day results don’t make a big difference, sometimes it’s telling when teams attend certain workouts and who they use their interview slots on.

We also have NFL free agency continuing. The Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Jackson situations are still developing, and we could see movement at any minute.

We’re covering the latest NFL draft and free agency news and rumors, including all pro day news that’s related to Wednesday’s action. Be sure to bookmark our NFL Pro Day schedule and check back daily for the most important takeaways.

Is Lamar Jackson Injury-Prone?

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank sparked controversy on Tuesday at the NFL owners meetings when he called Deshaun Watson’s and Jackson’s situations “very different.” He’s certainly not wrong, but Blank meant it in a way much different than the public took it. Blank mentioned there’s a concern with Jackson’s longevity and durability.

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This led to Jackson responding on Twitter, as he pointed out the circumstances of his injuries and why he sat out games. Jackson has played in 85% of possible games since becoming the starter in Baltimore, putting to rest some concern over his track record of health. It is at least worth noting that he missed five contests in each of the last two seasons, though.

Is Jackson injury-prone with his style? His injuries haven’t been due to direct hits, but his sharp cuts do expose his limbs to risk.

Israel Abanikanda Headlines Pitt Pro Day

The pro day circuit is ramping up as the draft rapidly approaches. The biggest star on display Wednesday is Pitt running back Israel Abanikanda. Abanikanda showed off his leaping ability with an unofficial 41″ vertical jump that you have to see to believe.

He took over the Panthers’ backfield as a starter in 2022, showing incredible speed and explosiveness that his workouts have confirmed. After averaging six yards a carry and totaling 1,431 yards and 20 scores on the ground, Abanikanda is positioning himself to be a valuable Day 2 prospect.

Aaron Rodgers Trade Held Up by One Detail

The public negotiations between the Green Bay Packers and New York Jets have been a shockingly bad display of management on both sides. Neither side has real leverage, as Rodgers holds the most valuable card with his $58 million roster bonus looming. Nevertheless, we know the current framework of a trade is getting closer to happening.

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According to John Breech of CBS Sports, the Jets are asking for a “safety valve” to be added to any conditional 2024 draft pick surrendered in case Rodgers retires before next season. This is understandable, as giving up a conditional early-round pick in 2024 for just one year of Rodgers would be disastrous, and we know Rodgers is especially fickle.

Patriots Won’t Trade for Lamar Jackson

The New England Patriots started and promptly ended trade rumors regarding Jackson when owner Robert Kraft addressed the media on Tuesday.

Kraft expressed his desire for the Patriots to get back to the playoffs and noted that Meek Mill even texted him that Jackson wants to join the franchise. However, Kraft also said that would be a Bill Belichick decision, and The Athletic’s Jeff Howe reported a Jackson-to-New England deal won’t happen.

The Patriots reunited quarterback Mac Jones with offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien from their Alabama days, hoping to give Jones a better chance of succeeding this season. Jackson would be a massive improvement, but the significant cost of money and draft assets is proving to be a deterrent for potential suitors.