NFL Media Personality Rips CBS for Showing Taylor Swift Too Much During Super Bowl 58

Coverage of Taylor Swift's appearance at Super Bowl 58 garnered plenty of the usual controversy, evidently upsetting Chris "Mad Dog" Russo, too.

Taylor Swift’s appearances at NFL games throughout much of the season to see her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, take the field, has been a subject of controversy among fans and analysts alike. Her attendance of Super Bowl 58 struck a chord with some as well, with one NFL media personality ripping CBS for showing Swift “too much” on the game’s broadcast.

Chris Russo Rips CBS for Showing Taylor Swift Too Much

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo went off on how much CBS showed Swift on the game’s broadcast during a segment of ESPN’s First Take alongside Stephen A. Smith, Molly Qerim, and Marcus Spears.

Russo admitted that the 55 seconds Swift was apparently shown on the broadcast did not sound like much, but took umbrage with the fact that she was shown 12 times throughout the game, which went to overtime. He also pointed to the fact that Kelce struggled in the first half of the contest as more reasoning not to show Swift.

“I understand she’s a huge, huge star, and I love the relationship … but it’s a football game,” Russo said. “That’s what it is, it’s a football game. Now you know why fans get annoyed in Buffalo and Baltimore, they think there’s a conspiracy. ‘Well, they want the Chiefs to win, so he gets all the calls. They want to capitalize on Taylor Swift.’

“That’s a nonsensical thought, but fans think that way. Twelve times? That’s three or four times a quarter, for crying out loud, and they trailed three-fifths of the game!”

Smith chimed in to counter Russo’s argument with the fact that more than 120 million people watched the Super Bowl, a record-high audience for the game.

Qerim also pointed to the increase in women viewing the game, including many fans of Swift, as there was a 3.87% increase in women from 18-24 watching the contest at 3.87 million, according to Sports Media Watch.

Still, Russo seemed to be set in his thoughts that Swift was shown too much on the broadcast despite the audience seemingly not having a problem with the amount she was shown.

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Swift and Kelce got the last laugh Sunday, however, as the Chiefs came from behind to take a 25-22 overtime win for their second straight Super Bowl. Kelce finished with nine catches for 93 yards despite his slow start and was seen embracing Swift after the game as the pair celebrated his and the team’s accomplishment.

All in all, it seems difficult to call Swift’s involvement in the NFL landscape and appearances at games anything but a positive for the league’s exposure.

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