NFL head coach rankings 2022: Ranking all 32 NFL head coaches ahead of 2022 NFL training camps

With a number of shakeups this offseason, there are some new names on Pro Football Network's annual NFL head coach rankings for 2022.

2022 NFL head coach rankings: Another shot at excellence

20) Ron Rivera, Washington Commanders

Regular-season record: 90-82-1 (.523),
Super Bowl wins as HC: 0

Like McCarthy, Ron Rivera is following a relatively successful tenure in Carolina with a mediocre start in Landover, Md. Rivera’s squad moonwalked into a division title in 2020 and then suffered through a ton of adversity last season. Rivera is hoping Wentz will somehow help lead to a legitimate run.

21) Lovie Smith, Houston Texans

Regular-season record: 89-87 (.506)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 0

Will the third time be the charm for Lovie Smith? After stops in Chicago and Tampa Bay, and then a detour to the college game, Smith is on his last leg. A brilliant defensive mind, Smith needs to get that side of the ball in order to let Davis Mills shine on the other end.

22) Todd Bowles, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Regular-season record: 26-41 (.388)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 0

Bruce Arians did Todd Bowles, his longtime pupil, a favor by setting him up with a Super Bowl-contending roster. Bowles was given a raw deal during his first head-coaching stint with the New York Jets, where he was largely set up to fail. Bowles will get the opportunity to win in Tampa Bay.

23) Josh McDaniels, Las Vegas Raiders

Regular-season record: 11-17 (.393)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 0

Josh McDaniels is coming off an impressive campaign as Mac Jones’ tutor. Now, he needs to prove that he matured over the last decade in New England and that his dreadful Denver stint was just a sign of inexperience.

2022 NFL head coach rankings: To be determined…

The following four coaches are still enigmas at this point due to various reasons. While their track records are underwhelming, enhanced rosters and overall opportunities could help them rewrite their résumés this season.

24) Dan Campbell, Detroit Lions

Regular-season record: 8-20-1 (.293)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 0

Dan Campbell’s press conferences are epic, but what’s really impressive about his work is that his players fight for him, even with a clear talent deficiency. Campbell has some notable upgrades in Year 2 of his Lions tenure, and that will hopefully lead to enhanced success. Campbell showed a lot of promise as an interim head coach with the Miami Dolphins in 2015.

25) Robert Saleh, New York Jets

Regular-season record: 4-13 (.235)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 0

Like Campbell, Robert Saleh was set up in a rough situation during his first season on the job. With little to show on defense, Saleh wasn’t able to maximize his scheme, and the offense wasn’t good enough to make up for those shortcomings. The Jets have replenished their depth chart with a lot of young talent this offseason, and Saleh will need to take advantage.

26) Matt Rhule, Carolina Panthers

Regular-season record: 10-23 (.303)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 0

Matt Rhule’s tenure has been an abject failure to this point. That said, he’s been forced to overcome injuries to several notable players over the past two years. For some reason, he keeps banking on QB Sam Darnold to turn things around. And that’s why Rhule is the coach with the hottest seat entering the 2022 season.

27) Dennis Allen, New Orleans Saints

Regular-season record: 8-28 (.222)
Super Bowl wins as HC: 0

Dennis Allen’s initial coaching tenure with the Raiders was forgettable at best. Now, he’s finally stationed with a playoff-caliber roster, so there’s hope he can actually progress in his second term. This is a major “I guess we’ll see…” situation.

2022 NFL head coach rankings: The rookies

Lists that rank inexperienced head coaches in the upper echelon of their profession are projecting instead of portraying the reality of the situation, which is that no one has any clue how good or bad they will be. With that in mind, we decided to rank the rookie head coaches within the coaching cycle at the bottom of PFN’s list.

28) Mike McDaniel, Miami Dolphins

Mike McDaniel seems like a thoughtful and innovative leader, who understands the need for emotional intelligence. He’s been given a roster that fits his play-calling philosophies and is the most intriguing rookie head coach of the cycle.

29) Brian Daboll, New York Giants

Brian Daboll has earned a ton of credit for the Bills’ offensive success over the past few years. His work with Josh Allen has been marveled by pretty much every pundit in the NFL. However, Daboll will now inherit a roster that is lacking in talent and identity entering his first season in the Meadowlands.

30) Nathaniel Hackett, Denver Broncos

Nathaniel Hackett is set up to succeed better than pretty much every other rookie head coach this cycle. With Russell Wilson and a plethora of weapons at his disposal, Hackett, a forward-thinking players’ coach, should be able to find success right out of the gate.

31) Matt Eberflus, Chicago Bears

Matt Eberflus did an extremely good job with the defense in Indianapolis. But now he’ll be starting from scratch in Chicago, and he needs to figure out his system in the Windy City. Justin Fields’ development will be his biggest challenge/assignment in Year 1.

32) Kevin O’Connell, Minnesota Vikings

Kevin O’Connell, despite being a former NFL QB and coordinator, is the mystery man among the head-coaching ranks. While the Vikings kept their roster mostly in place, O’Connell will clearly bring his own ideas to the table. O’Connell is a true wild card, for better or worse.

Mike Kaye is the Lead NFL Reporter for Pro Football Network. Follow him on Twitter: @mike_e_kaye.

Mike Kaye is the Lead NFL Reporter for Pro Football Network. Follow him on Twitter: @mike_e_kaye.


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