NFL Fans Share Hilarious Thoughts on Dak Prescott’s New Look – “Evil Dak Prescott!”

Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott debuted a new haircut on Sunday night. Naturally, social media shared their thoughts on it.

When you’re the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, your every move is under a microscope. This is something Dak Prescott knows all too well.

In the social media age, where everything is captured digitally, something as mundane as going to a restaurant can become front-page news.

In the latest case of that, Prescott and his new hairstyle set social media ablaze with reactions. What was a simple post by a barber showing off his work that he performed on the Cowboys’ QB, turned into a social media onslaught of jokes and reactions.

Dak Prescott Debuts New Haircut

While Prescott has been dawning the tight haircut up top for some time now, he had usually done so with a full beard with it. However, is it a new year, new Dak?

Prescott makes a not-so-subtle change to his facial hair, and the move sets the social media world on fire.

Dawning a fresh new goatee, the internet thinks this may be a sign of the birth of a new Dak.

“Dak Prescott got that fresh new new cut…heel turn coming 😂…he not about to play with y’all no more!”

One X user throws out a wrestling nickname of sorts, as he takes a bit of a resemblance to WWE star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

“Dak ‘The Pebble’ Prescott,” he calls him. Whether that new nickname will stick or not remains to be seen.

“He looks like he would play Dak Prescott in a movie about Brock Purdy,” says one X user. Dak’s new haircut has Dak looking like an off-brand actor, portraying himself to some.

Presented without comment — “I’m telling my kids Dak Prescott was the bad guy in Jingle All The Way.”

One person questions if this new look is Dak tapping into an alter ego for the new season. stating, “EVIL DAK PRESCOTT‼️⁉️”

A popular comparison made last night was that Prescott is “copying” Jalen Hurts’ look. One fan, for example, posted, “Dak Prescott is trying his best to look like Jalen Hurts.” Ironically, Hurts shaved his goatee not long before Prescott showed off his.

Whether this look is just temporary, or here to stay, when you are Dak Prescott and the quarterback of the most polarizing sports franchise in the world, something as simple as a haircut is going to rile up the masses.

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It comes with the territory, I suppose.

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