NFL Draft Rumors: Patriots Undecided on Staying or Trading Out of No. 3 Pick

The New England Patriots have a big decision to make with the third overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, and as of now, they're reportedly undecided.

What the New England Patriots will do with the third overall pick remains a big mystery in the weeks leading up to the 2024 NFL Draft.

While they have a glaring need at quarterback, the Patriots could potentially pass on one to trade down and accumulate more draft capital, considering they have several needs across the roster.

With such an important decision to make, it appears even the Patriots don’t know their intentions just yet.

NFL Reporter Says Patriots ‘Undecided’ on Third Pick

New England has been quiet regarding their future plans with the third overall pick. Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer made it clear that the team’s lack of leaks comes from them being unsure of what route they wanted to go down.

“My sense is the New England Patriots haven’t made up their minds yet on trading or sticking at 3,” Breer explained. “So, yes, personnel chief Eliot Wolf’s going to take phone calls on the pick.”

Breer later explained that New England has met with only three quarterbacks during the allotted visiting times. Jayden Daniels, Drake Maye, and J.J. McCarthy were the three to this point New England has worked with.

The long-time NFL reporter suggested a scenario where the Patriots trade out of the third overall pick to pick up an additional first-round pick this year (cough Minnesota), and then trading back into the top 10 for the likes of McCarthy.

New England, to Breer, would be able to not only get the quarterback they like but also get another quality player at another key position to join them.

At this point, though, only Wolfe and the Patriots know what their true plans are.

What Should the Patriots Do?

Because top quarterbacks are so hard to scout, finding the right one that fits a team’s offensive scheme is very important. For New England, it would be smart to take a patient approach with whoever they choose by not rushing to start them right away as they learn through the process of being an NFL player.

If the Patriots will commit to letting a young quarterback sit for a full season and grow with the franchise as they add talent around him, Maye or any QB at pick 3 would be the smart move for the long-term future of the franchise.

In Tony Catalina’s latest 2024 NFL Mock Draft for Pro Football Network, he has the Patriots staying at No. 3 and drafting Maye.

“It would be hard to look at the New England Patriots quarterback situation right now and decide to pass on one of the top-tier options that is sure to be available to them with the third overall pick,” says Catalina.

While Catalina acknowledges that there are no guarantees with Maye, he points out how the Patriots’ future will look far better with a potential franchise QB in place.

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However, if New England doesn’t believe that quarterback is available at three, trading back wouldn’t be a bad alternative. Another team might feel differently about the quarterbacks available and could offer the Patriots a king’s ransom to move up, giving New England some premium draft capital to use toward rebuilding their roster.

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