2020 NFL Draft Prospect Preview: Tyler Biadasz, iOL, Wisconsin

Tyler Biadasz could have been a first-round pick in this past NFL Draft, but instead he chose to return to school. With over half the Wisconsin offensive line moving on last season, all eyes will be on Biadasz.

One of my favorite players from last year, Tyler Biadasz was someone I had given a high first-round grade in last year’s NFL Draft. He chose to return to school and I don’t envision any scenario where he doesn’t retain that grade. Wisconsin is an offensive line factory, consistently producing quality NFL players. Biadasz has a ceiling similar to that of another Wisconsin alum: Dallas Cowboys center Travis Frederick. Frederick, when healthy, is the NFL’s best center.

Biadasz’s calling card is his raw power. He’s a mauler by every sense of the term. His tape is filled with pancakes and him tossing defenders like rag dolls. His eyes are always up in pass protection and his head remains on a swivel looking for the correct assignment to block. Biadasz as a prospect is as close to “complete” and “can’t miss” as you’ll see in this class. With a large number of pros and minimal cons, there’s no wonder he’s my second highest rated Big Ten prospect going into this season.



Biadasz is a monster on the field. It’s rare you’ll find someone who can match him in a straight one-on-one. He blocks with every ounce of power, and he loves taking people to the ground. He’s almost never on his back and pass protects with a great anchor. Neutralizing bull rushes with ease, Biadasz may be the strongest player in the country. Here, he shows both strength and awareness in blocking two Michigan defenders at one time.


Wisconsin utilizes a number of counters in their run system, which means even their center gets to get out and move. Biadasz has shown adequate athletic ability and a great ability to find defenders to block. Here, he shows his speed as he makes his way to the cornerback, then firmly plants him in the dirt.

Pass Protection

A cognitive ability to always find someone to block. The most important thing in pass protecting for a center is keeping your head on a swivel and picking up the correct responsibility. Biadasz does an elite job with this, as he always finds someone. A center’s job in pass pro is to provide relief and pickup the un-accounted for blitzer, and he does it play in and play out.


Two of the most important things about being an offensive lineman are technique and footwork. Biadasz is a little raw, but he showed great improvement in both facets last season. His hand placement is elite, he keeps a wide base, and his legs are always churning. His feet could be a bit cleaner in pass protection.



The biggest question I have with Biadasz, as an NFL Draft prospect, is how well he’ll fare in a situation where he isn’t surrounded by NFL players. As of right now, there are 3 Wisconsin offensive lineman from last season on NFL rosters. Jonathan Taylor will also be an NFL draft pick. It’s easy to look good when you don’t have to pick up other peoples slack.

Athletic Ability

I firmly believe Biadasz has the natural athletic ability to be fine. However, I’m not sure he’s so athletic that he’ll be someone you want to be consistently pulling. He’ll never be Jason Kelce and his fit with the Eagles. Biadasz would fit better in a power-based scheme than a zone, but I believe he can function and succeed in either.


Tyler Biadasz is my highest rated offensive lineman thus far. He’s someone I was a huge fan of last year and I believe he’s cut from the same mold as guys like Brandon Scherff and Zach Martin. He has a well-rounded game with minimal weaknesses or holes. A plug-and-play prospect, I won’t be surprised if Biadasz ends this year as my top rated Big Ten NFL Draft prospect. Until then, I’ll enjoy watching every pancake, flawless pass set, and defender thrown out of the way.

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