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    NFL Compensatory Picks 2023: What Are They, and Who Received Them This Year?

    What are the 2023 Compensatory Selections in the NFL draft, and how were the two different types awarded this year?

    The end of the NFL season sets the vast majority of the draft order, but we do not know the final NFL draft order until the full list of compensatory selections is revealed. There are two types of compensatory selections; the standard ones, which are determined based on free agent acquisitions and losses, and the JC-2A resolution selections.

    Compensatory Draft Picks Awarded in 2023

    The official compensatory selections for the 2023 NFL Draft were announced on March 9, 2023. In total, there were 37 compensatory picks announced, including five JC-2A resolution selections.

    Resolution JC-2A Compensatory Selections in 2023

    Pick numbers are in parenthesis, and compensated departure are in italics.

    • Cleveland Browns (98)
      Awarded when the Vikings hired Kwesi Adofo-Mensah as GM
    • San Francisco 49ers (99)
      Awarded when the Commanders hired Martin Mayhew as GM
    • Kansas City Chiefs (100) – Traded to NYG
      Awarded when the Bears hired Ryan Poles as GM
    • San Francisco 49ers (101) – Traded to MIA
      Awarded when the Dolphins hired Mike McDaniel as HC
    • San Francisco 49ers (102)
      Awarded when the Titans hired Ron Carthon as GM

    Confirmed NFL Third-Round Compensatory Picks in 2023

    • Arizona Cardinals (96)
    • Washington Commanders (97)

    Confirmed Fourth-Round Selections in 2023

    • New England Patriots (135)

    Confirmed Fifth-Round Selections in 2023

    • Los Angeles Rams (167)
    • Arizona Cardinals (168)
    • Dallas Cowboys (169)
    • Green Bay Packers (170)
    • Los Angeles Rams (171)
    • New York Giants (172)
    • San Francisco 49ers (173)
    • Las Vegas Raiders (174)
    • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (175)
    • Dallas Cowboys (176)
    • Los Angeles Rams (177)

    Confirmed Sixth-Round Selections in 2023

    • New England Patriots (210)
    • Minnesota Vikings (211)
    • Dallas Cowboys (212)
    • Arizona Cardinals (213)
    • Las Vegas Raiders (214)
    • Washington Commanders (215)
    • San Francisco 49ers (216)
    • Kansas City Chiefs (217)

    Seventh-Round Compensatory Selections in 2023

    • Kansas City Chiefs (250)
    • Los Angeles Rams (251)
    • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (252)
    • San Francisco 49ers (253)
    • New York Giants (254)
    • San Francisco 49ers (255)
    • Green Bay Packers (256)
    • New Orleans Saints (257)
    • Chicago Bears (258)
    • Houston Texans (259)

    What Are Compensatory Picks in the NFL?

    Compensatory picks in the NFL draft are awarded based on the players each team lost and gained in free agency. The idea of the compensatory selections is to try and provide balance for teams that lost high-value free agents in the previous year. Let’s take a look at how these compensatory picks work.

    How Do Compensatory Picks Work?

    The league defines unrestricted free agents as compensatory free agents. Teams that lose more compensatory free agents than they gain have the opportunity to earn a draft pick in the subsequent year’s draft. Additionally, teams that lose higher-valued compensatory free agents than they add can also be awarded compensatory selections.

    The factors that go into calculating compensatory selections are the player’s average annual salary, playing time, and postseason honors. Salary is the main factor, with playing time having the second-most weight, and postseason awards being the final component.

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    Picks are then assigned based on how the lost players (who qualify) compare to the qualifying players they gained. For example, the Patriots lost Joe Thuney, who would have been expected to net them a third-round compensatory selection. However, the addition of Matt Judon canceled that out and likely means the Patriots will not receive a third-round compensatory pick.

    In total, a maximum of 32 picks are assigned in this manner, and each team can only have a maximum of four compensatory selections. A more detailed explanation of how compensatory picks are awarded can be found at Over the Cap.

    Resolution JC-2A selections

    November 2020 saw the NFL pass a new resolution (JC-2A). This resolution rewarded teams who developed minority candidates and then saw them hired into head coach or general manager positions by other organizations.

    Teams receive two selections if another team hires one candidate; it escalates to three selections if other teams hire two candidates. Yet, they can only receive one compensatory pick in this way per year. If a team qualifies for Resolution JC-2A, they can have a maximum of five compensatory selections in a given draft.

    Resolution JC-2A selections are awarded at the end of the third round, immediately following any “standard” compensatory selections awarded. The order of the Resolution JC-2A compensatory selections is the same as the draft order of those teams in the first round.

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