NFL Media Personality Rips Micah Parsons – ‘Most Sensitive Guy I’ve Ever Seen’

Dallas Cowboys' LB Micah Parsons has never been shy about speaking his mind. However, one NFL media personality thinks he might be too sensitive.

The Dallas Cowboys season ended embarrassingly at the hands of the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Wild Card round. That loss prompted a bit of silence from Cowboys pass rusher Micah Parsons, as he admitted that he didn’t want to be seen publicly for a while following the loss. That hiatus was short-lived, however, and since then, Parsons has been seen and heard everywhere.

From Pro Bowl festivities to being MVP during the Celebrity All-Star Game at NBA All-Star Weekend, Parsons has hit the offseason running. That has included interviews, podcasts, and everything else in between. However, not everyone loves Parsons’ willingness to speak his truth.

ESPN’s Bart Scott Rips Micah Parsons

Parsons has never been one to be too shy away from a response. Whether it’s a troll online or a media member talking about him or his team, Parsons usually has a reaction to it in some capacity.

However, it is that habit that ESPN’s Bart Scott doesn’t like and, in turn, called Parsons “the most sensitive guy” he’s ever seen on the latest episode of First Take.

“He needs to go to a leadership school and learn how to lead by example and quit talking so much and being so damn sensitive. You’re a linebacker. That’s supposed to be a tough guy spot. He’s the most sensitive guy I’ve ever seen. He responds to everything. Get off of social media, quit tweeting, quit talking about responding, and go about your business, man.”

It’s an interesting viewpoint, delivered in a stern manner that surely will raise some eyebrows.

Scott’s Message to Parsons Was Better Than the Delivery

Scott, much like Parsons does, is just giving his opinion here. Whether the Cowboys’ pass rusher decides to listen to it — or respond, is entirely up to him.

There is no basis for one way of doing things being more successful than the other, and while Scott didn’t play in this era of social media and social engagement, he can only speak to what he knows.

Scott is not a stranger to a viral moment himself, though. He is famously known for yelling “Can’t Wait” into the microphone of Sal Paolantonio after a playoff game that has gone viral for years now.

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While the message may be one of telling Parsons to focus and just worry about the tasks at hand, the delivery was a peculiar one, and done so in a tone of disrespect. Only time will tell if Parsons will catch wind of it and respond to being called “sensitive,” but it’s probably a safe bet to assume he will — which just may be Scott’s point all along.

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