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    Mykel Williams’ Draft Profile | Georgia, EDGE Scouting Report

    The Georgia Bulldogs are no strangers to freakish EDGE prospects, and Mykel Williams is next in line with his 2025 NFL Draft scouting report.

    The Georgia Bulldogs have a long modern line of edge rushers in the NFL. Could Mykel Williams be the next man up with his 2025 NFL Draft scouting report? More development is needed, but it’s easy to be transfixed by the natural talent.

    Mykel Williams’ Draft Profile and Measurements

    • Height: 6’5″
    • Weight: 265 pounds
    • Position: Edge Rusher
    • School: Georgia
    • Current Year: Junior

    In the 2022 NFL Draft, the Georgia Bulldogs saw Travon Walker go No. 1 overall. In the 2025 NFL Draft cycle, Williams is the prospect who’s been compared favorably to his predecessor in Athens.

    If you ask me? The Walker-to-Williams comparison doesn’t hold water. Williams might be even more athletic.

    There’s still more for Williams to work on before he reaches his ceiling — as we’ll get into below — but he’s long been recognized as a superlative physical talent.

    At Hardaway High School in Georgia, Williams closed out his career with three straight double-digit sack seasons. He was a consensus five-star recruit and a dominant performer at the All-American Bowl. And his production in 2022 — 4.5 sacks and 6.5 tackles for loss — was the best by any true freshman EDGE at Georgia in almost a decade.

    In 2023, Williams stagnated as a pass rusher, matching his numbers from the previous year. But a strong pressure production performance and a dominant stretch as a run defender earned him second-team All-SEC honors.

    As the 2025 NFL Draft cycle kicks off, the EDGE1 mantle is up for grabs. And in the case that Williams reaches his full potential, he could snuff out any and all competition for the crown.

    Williams’ Scouting Report


    • Lab-built specimen at EDGE with elite size, athleticism, length, and lean mass.
    • Elite explosiveness and nimble change of direction allows him to be weaponized on stunts.
    • Moves at a different pace with his supercharged athleticism and menacing motor.
    • Can track across formations with his bounding lateral explosiveness and bend.
    • Explosion, lean mass, and overwhelming length combine for elite power capacity.
    • Has the hyperactive cylindrical twitch to widen tackles before engaging with power.
    • Rare flexibility enables him to easily acquire leverage in run defense, in spite of height.
    • Has the unique hip flexibility to adjust power channels when keeping speed on rushes.
    • Possesses the ankle flexion to pinch tight angles and pry around blocks late in reps.
    • Has the raw strength to stack and shed as a one-gapper, then envelop runners.
    • Already a high-level run defender who couples natural leverage with workmanlike hands.
    • Can use proper base alignment and leg drive to power up devastating long-arm moves.
    • Can attack the torso with bull-rushes, then stack outside chops to deconstruct blocks.
    • Has shown he can use his length to occlude passing lanes if unable to reach the QB.
    • Possesses all-encompassing usage-based alignment versatility from 0-tech to wide-9.


    • Somehow has room to add a bit more mass to better hedge against combo blocks.
    • Sometimes works himself too far upright on power exertions, nullifying load and drive.
    • Can be more controlled with pad level while driving his legs and sustaining churn.
    • At times, diverts too far upright on initial moves, failing to press forward and load up.
    • Overall, is extremely raw as a pass rusher, which corroborates middling production.
    • Sometimes drifts into contact before loading and engaging with his hands.
    • Hand precision can be cleaner on swim moves, to effectively wrench past blockers.
    • Can be very uncontrolled with elbow load and hand carriage, impacting efficiency.
    • Still fleshing out his counter arsenal past initial power, as rushes stall out at times.
    • Still learning how to use upper-lower synergy to offset blockers and capitalize.
    • Sequencing and pass-rush plan can fall apart quickly when he fails to gain an edge early.
    • Sometimes experiences time delays between initial moves and counters.
    • Is sometimes over-aggressive as an option defender, flushing himself out of pursuit.

    Current Draft Projection and Summary

    Entering the 2025 NFL Draft cycle, Williams grades out as a mid-to-late first-round prospect and one of the top EDGE talents in the early months.

    That said, no prospect in the entire class has Williams’ physical upside — upside that could land him in the blue-chip range with more refinement.

    Williams is essentially a Create-A-Player. At 6’5″, 265 pounds with arms likely near 34″, he has an elite size profile, which he compounds with quantifiably elite explosiveness, lateral agility and twitch, and logic-defying bend capacity.

    Past the patently extraordinary amalgam of physical tools Williams has, he’s also extremely young — he’ll be just 20 years old at the time of the 2025 NFL Draft — and by all accounts, he’s a high-character player with a great work ethic, who’s active in his community.

    All this is to say: Williams can be as good as Williams wants to be. There might be no ceiling.

    Physically, Williams has the talent to be the No. 1 overall pick at his maximum. But there’s also a long way to go with his hand usage and pad-level management as a pass rusher before he reaches that point, and that’s a big reason why he hasn’t been more productive.

    The silver lining is Williams is already a superb run defender — a stack and shed phenom with the athleticism and urgent play style to cover vast ranges in pursuit. Early-down utility won’t be an issue, and even with his limited hand-fighting skills, he can still be weaponized on stunts and looping pressure looks.

    Williams will need to upgrade his game as a 1-on-1 pass rusher independent of scheme before he can challenge for the EDGE1 mantle, but he undoubtedly has the talent and temperament to reach that point. Ultimately, he has All-Pro upside, and his floor is that of a very solid unit component.

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