“Jalen Hurts Can Squat 600 Pounds” – Micah Parsons Opens Up About Tush Push and Eagles Cheat Code

    The "Tush Push" is one of the most widely talked about plays of the 2023 season so far. Cowboys' Micah Parsons knows just how good it actually is.

    The Philadelphia Eagles were one of the best teams in all of the NFL in 2022, and after a tough Super Bowl loss, the team has started the season 4-0 and looks to be picking up where they left off. Dallas Cowboys superstar and Eagles rival Micah Parsons understands the Eagles’ dominance and how one play in particular has helped the team be virtually unstoppable in short-yardage situations.

    The play Parsons is talking about happens to be the highly controversial “Tush Push,” or for those in Philadelphia, more affectionately known as the “Brotherly Shove.” The play has been a thorn in the side of the rest of the league, and with that comes the discussion of how legal the play is — and if it should be removed from the game.

    Parsons knows that the answer isn’t to the problem is banning it — it’s stopping it. While he has seen firsthand just how hard it is to stop the play, he alludes to the players being the reason for its success rather than just the play itself.

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    Micah Parsons Discusses Eagles ‘Tush Push’ Play

    Parsons took to his weekly show “The Edge” to discuss the play, and he was very adamant about the play and why it is so successful. It is the players — not the play.

    The best player on America’s Team is a part of the new wave of NFL players who choose to use their voice rather than letting the media speak for them. Parsons doesn’t care that the Eagles are their biggest rival and one of their biggest hurdles when it comes to reaching a Super Bowl for the first time in over a quarter century. He is going to give credit where it is due.

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    Furthermore, Parsons knows it starts with the strength and talent of the Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts. The Eagles, in his mind, boast the best offensive line in the NFL. He knows that the combination of Hurts and his talented linemen can make the play seem unfair at times. Rather than sulking about it, Parsons would rather find a way to stop it while also showing respect for how it has come about.

    If Anybody Can Stop It, Parsons May Be the One

    Unsurprisingly, Parsons is dominating opposing offenses once again. Fresh off a 10-pressure game against the New England Patriots, it is clear that he is one of the NFL’s best all-around players. If there was an individual with the skill and determination to find a way to stop the play from continuing to wreak havoc, it may just be Parsons.

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