‘We Want To Learn, Get Better, and Become Champions’ – Micah Parsons on Refocusing After Week 3 Loss

Micah Parsons spoke about how the Dallas Cowboys plan to rebound after the team's first loss and the possible matchup with Ezekiel Elliott.

Dallas Cowboys edge rusher Micah Parsons is ready to turn the page and shift the focus to Sunday’s matchup against the New England Patriots.

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Lessons From the Cowboys Week 3 Loss

Parsons says the run defense that was one of the team’s downfalls last week was a product of them beating themselves with penalties and players coming out of their gaps.

“The energy was off. We didn’t play like we did the first two weeks, so it’s something that we’re looking forward to getting back to for sure,” he said.

When Parsons was asked if the emotional week before the game impacted them, he said they have to control what they can, but they are also humans with emotions. Although he could only speak for himself, he said he tried to keep his focus on the game.

As for the takeaways he had from the game, he said, “The positives are the failures that you always learn. You lose in the moment, which sucks, but the positive is you always learn.”

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Parsons strives for perfection, so watching the tape back was frustrating. Knowing that, this week’s goal for the team is to learn from the loss to fix their mistakes. But it’s essential to lock in and pay attention to the details again.

Execution of the Game Plan

When the veteran was asked how the team has a 9-1 record in the last two seasons after a loss, he credited the players, saying the coaches can only do so much and the team has to execute the game plan every week.

He said everyone in the locker room is hungry and ready to fix what is needed to avoid another loss. 

“I give it to all the guys, man. We want to learn, and we wanna get better, and we wanna become champions,” said Parsons.

How Parson’s Doesn’t Allow the Run To Neutralize His Play

The Lion is ready to return to the field and play, knowing that the team’s run defense will be emphasized this week.

As far as how he avoids his play from getting neutralized by the run, he said it’s not about how teams attack him but about his reaction.

He doesn’t worry about how people will challenge him in different schemes or plays. Still, he tries to stay patient with the pass rush, always knowing that his time is coming, mentioning, “I just gotta be patient and just wait for my opportunities and make it my game.”

Parsons’ on Which Patriots Player Is Coming for Him

Parsons is excited to reunite with former teammate Ezekiel Elliott, saying it’s all love and they will take the field to compete. He still talked to Elliott and said they shared some playful banter.

“I feel like Zeke’s coming for me because he keeps telling me he’s like, ‘you’re lucky I’m not out there, I really get you,’ so if there’s ever a matchup, I’m looking forward to it,” said Parsons, who mentioned that the team still misses Elliott’s presence in the locker room.

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