Miami Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill calls out Cincinnati Bengals’ Eli Apple: ‘I owe you, boy’

Thursday night's Miami Dolphins-Cincinnati Bengals game will have a juicy subplot: A chance for revenge for Tyreek Hill against Eli Apple.

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. — Tyreek Hill on Sunday had the quietest statistical game of his short-tenured time with the Miami Dolphins. But the star wide receiver had plenty to say after the Dolphins’ 21-19 Week 3 win over the Buffalo Bills — about the player he’ll face in Week 4.

Hill and the Dolphins will play at the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday. And that means the world will be blessed with a third Tyreek Hill vs. Eli Apple matchup in nine months.

Tyreek Hill vs. Eli Apple on Thursday night

Apple and the Bengals beat the Chiefs — Hill’s previous team — twice in the span of 29 days, and some apparently bad blood from those meetings has lingered.

When notified of the Dolphins’ next opponent in the post-game locker room Sunday, Hill turned directly to the cameras and said the following:

“Looking forward to the challenge. It’s going to be fun. I can’t wait to go against Eli Apple. I owe you boy. I owe you. I’m here. The Cheetah is here.”

Hill didn’t elaborate on what exactly he believes he owes the Bengals cornerback. But it surely had to do with the AFC Championship Game.

On the last play of the first half of that game, Apple chucked Hill to the ground just short of the goal line, keeping points off the board that ended up being decisive.

On Twitter later that evening, Apple not only highlighted that play but called Hill “a baby” — and even tagged Hill in the message, ensuring his rival would see it. Apple later told Hill and then-teammate Mecole Hardman that he would hook them up with Super Bowl tickets.

Hill took the high road, telling Apple that if he had any issues, to contact him directly. Based on Hill’s comments Sunday, reconciliation probably never happened.

Apple is the NFL defender that wide receivers love to hate. He feuds with seemingly everyone. So when he got roasted by Matthew Stafford in the Super Bowl, it felt like half the league couldn’t wait to combine forces to roast him.

On Thursday night, Hill — who caught just two passes for 33 yards in Sunday’s win — will have the chance to do more than just talk.

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