There’s been a lot of trade talks in the past 24 hours, but it started to heat up late Friday night when I reported that the Miami Dolphins were making a strong play for Jadeveon Clowney. In addition, they were making the majority of their team available for trade, including Laremy Tunsil.

Miami is making a push to land Jadeveon Clowney

Sources are telling Pro Football Network that the Dolphins are making a strong play for Jadeveon Clowney. Miami was rumored several weeks ago around a Clowney trade, but there was no confirmation either way. Now, it appears that trade talks have heated up once again.

However, the Dolphins will need to make sure that Clowney is committed to Miami. Since they are re-building for the long term, it doesn’t make sense to rent him for one year. This will be an integral part of discussions during the trade talks. Miami wants Clowney, but does Clowney want Miami? Some are saying no, so they will have to figure things out with him if they want to get this deal done.

Laremy Tunsil on the trade block?

In addition to Clowney, numerous sources to Pro Football Network are telling us that the Miami Dolphins are shopping their entire team, including all tradeable veterans. This means that while some contracts can’t be traded (Xavien Howard, for example), there are many who the Dolphins will listen to offers for. This includes offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil.

Sources from Laremy Tunsil’s team have confirmed with our own Tony Pauline that he has been dangled around the league as trade bait. This is in line with what we have been reporting – the Miami Dolphins are shopping a number of veterans on their roster, which includes Tunsil.

But before we go on, let’s make this clear. Our news is not that Laremy Tunsil is being traded. Lots of trades materialize and then die. Any football fan knows this. Our news is that Laremy Tunsil is even on the trade block to begin with, and that the Dolphins are listening to offers.

Tunsil doesn’t make sense on the surface, but he is due for a new contract soon before he hits free agency. It is possible that Miami and Tunsil aren’t seeing eye-to-eye on numbers, so they may be looking to move him now while they can get maximum value for him. With Jimmy Sexton and the CAA representing Tunsil, you know that he will command top dollar with little incentive to take a discount.

The New England Patriots are notorious for trading away players for maximum value, and Chris Grier and Brian Flores could be bringing that same philosophy to Miami.

Again, this doesn’t mean that Tunsil will be traded. That’s not the news. The news is that he’s even on the block to begin with.

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  1. For those of you who don’t know of laremy tunsil he is rated as one of the best left tackles in the league he has only given up like one sack all last year the guy is a monster and he will be a future like Richmond Webb or Keith Sims. Also it is almost impossible to find any good offensive lineman coming out of college they just don’t coach them to become NFL quality lineman and tunsil is a monster stud

  2. Miami is not a base 4-3 team anymore. They switched to a mostly 3-4 system this year. Sort of a hybrid. Coach Flores brought his Pats system down here.
    Tunsil is not a disappointment. He will be a pro bowl, all-pro for 10 more years. Plus he is a team player who has no off field issues, gets along with teammates and listens to his coaches. He will quickly be a top 10 left tackle. He is the only good player on our O line. We need to draft/sign 3 or 4 O line players next year. Therefore no matter what anyone says, we will not be trading Tunsil.
    Yes, he is due big money, be we will have tons of cap space next year.
    As for Rosen. He will eventually be our starter this year, but will be relegated to back up when we draft Tua or Herbert.
    Rosen will flounder this year behind our porous line and will either be traded for picks or used as a back up next season.

  3. Think Clowney is begging gor a team without JJ Watt in it. Sure he would love to play as a pass rushing DE in a 4-3, so Miami would be a good fit. Havnt seen much of Tunsil, but think he been a bit of a dissapointment? Just to bring Josh Rosen into things-if Rosen pans out to be the franchise QB they could go with someone to replace Tunsil in the draft and Clowney would bring an instant upgrade on the D, just saying…….

  4. They’re not going to trade Tunsil. Are you people on drugs or something? What would be the point of get Clowney then trading Tunsil. Just lost all credibility.

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