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    Miami Dolphins OT Richmond Webb Opens Up About Hall of Fame Snub: ‘My Résumé Speaks for Itself’

    Seven-time Pro Bowler Richmond Webb joins the PFN Miami Dolphins Podcast to discuss a grassroots effort to jumpstart his Pro Football Hall of Fame candidacy.

    The Hall of Fame calendar is beginning to work against Miami Dolphins tackle Richmond Webb.

    Webb — a seven-time Pro Bowler and member of the NFL’s all-1990’s team — has never even been a semifinalist to make the Hall, and he’s running out of chances to get in on the modern era vote.

    Webb, a Class of 2024 nominee who has never advanced past the first round of voting, has just three more years of eligibility before having to rely on the senior committee to get him in.

    That’s why there is a renewed, fan-driven effort to make the Canton case for Webb, who joined the PFN Miami Dolphins Podcast to discuss his candidacy.

    The Hall of Fame Case for Miami Dolphins OT Richmond Webb

    Some important caveats off the top:

    We reached out to Webb for this interview, not the other way around. Any other promotional pitches that occur in the coming months — and believe us, Dolphreaky has some big stuff planned — are being done on his behalf.

    Webb, a four-time All-Pro and Dan Marino’s blindside protector for a decade, is not driving this bus. Instead, he’s taking a modest approach he learned from former teammate (and 2023 Hall of Fame inductee) Zach Thomas.

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    Webb spent more than a half-hour this week talking all things Dolphins and Pro Football Hall of Fame. Here’s a taste of what he said:

    “I never really asked for guidance. I went to [Dan Marino’s induction], I went to Jason [Taylor]’s. I went to Zach’s. Those are my brothers. Happy for them. I knew Zach had to wait a little while. He was well-deserving as well. The process is different for everybody.

    “I do know there are a lot of people deserving who have waited. I do believe it definitely helps when the fanbase and people start mentioning it. I don’t think it’s a good thing to try to self-promote yourself, ‘Why aren’t you in there?’ To me, it’s not a good look.

    “I never do that. Zach never did that. He never complained. He said, and I say the same thing, ‘Hey, my resume speaks for itself.’ When those guys got in, they mentioned me. It means a lot because it means your teammates hold you in high regard.

    “When you have other guys around the NFL that vouch, that say, ‘This guy’s definitely deserving, was that type of caliber or achievement,’ [that helps]. This is the best fan base. Hands down. When you set your mind to it … when everybody’s collectively as one, there’s power in it.”

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