Miami Dolphins News: Jason Sanders Gets Vote of Confidence After Latest Miss

    Miami Dolphins special teams coordinator Danny Crossman said he's not even close to making a change at kicker after Jason Sanders again misses from deep.

    The perception of Miami Dolphins kicker Jason Sanders, externally vs. internally, could hardly be more different.

    Despite two more misses in Sunday night’s win over the New England Patriots, Sanders’ job is safe.

    Dolphins special teams coordinator Danny Crossman told assembled reporters Thursday that the coaching staff is “not even close” to contemplating a move at kicker, even though Sanders has missed nine of his 13 attempts from 50 yards and out since the start of the 2021 season.

    “We have great confidence in Jason,” Crossman said, per the Miami Herald.

    Should Miami Dolphins Move on From Jason Sanders?

    The source of the Dolphins’ enduring confidence and support in the league’s 10th-highest-paid kicker ($4.4 million)?

    He’s proven time and again that he can make those long-range kicks in practice. It should be said that Sanders was 8 of 9 from 50+ in 2020, when he was arguably the best kicker in football.

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    “It’s not even part of what I’m thinking or where I’m at,” Crossman said of potentially making a move.

    “We’ve gone through this and gone over it. I understand the question. If it was a week-in, week-out [deal], a constant issue, then yeah, [we would consider making a move]. But it’s not.”

    Sanders had plenty of leg on the 55-yarder he pulled left late in regulation.

    And leg strength wasn’t an issue on the 49-yard attempt that failed earlier in the game. No amount of power would have changed that outcome, not with the free run Patriots linebacker Brenden Schooler had at it.

    Schooler timed perfectly a creatively schemed field-goal block play that couldn’t have worked better.

    Will the Dolphins see a similar play call in the future?

    “They did a great job with the play,” Crossman said. “Do I think you’ll see it? Yeah, I think you’ll see some version of that. It’s just going to be part of the game.”

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