Miami Dolphins’ Chris Grier Quietly Has Helped Change the NFL In a Big Way

Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier had a successful week in his capacity as NFL competition committee member.

ORLANDO — NFL ownership overwhelmingly voted here Tuesday to approve a one-year trial run on an XFL-style kickoff format, handing the league’s eight-person competition committee its biggest win of the week.

Sharing in that victory: Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier, who for the past couple of years has quietly helped rewrite the league’s playbook as one of those eight committee members.

Miami Dolphins’ Chris Grier Is a Man of Influence

Grier is the lone GM on the committee.

He currently serves with Falcons CEO Rich McKay (the committee’s chairman), Bengals EVP Katie Blackburn, Cowboys COO Stephen Jones, Giants CEO John Mara, Bills coach Sean McDermott, Rams coach Sean McVay, and Steelers coach Mike Tomlin.

Together, they proposed rule six changes this year, with the kickoff overhaul the highest-profile.

Acting on the advice of the NFL’s top special-teams coaches, the committee sold the owners on a plan that drastically changed the kickoff, while still being mindful of player safety.

But unlike many of his colleagues on the committee who publicly advocated for the change at the NFL’s Annual League Meeting this week, Grier has characteristically kept a low profile.

When it comes to his responsibilities on the committee and with the Dolphins, Grier much prefers to do his work behind the scenes.

Grier, whose father Bobby was a long-time personnel executive with the Patriots, instinctually defers the spotlight to others — Mike McDaniel when it comes to the Dolphins, and McKay regarding committee work.

But behind closed doors, Grier has become more and more comfortable speaking his mind.

“I’ve known Chris for a long time,” McKay told PFN this week. “You know, he’s got a great history of the game, got a great perspective of the game. I would say he was new to the committee last year. Isn’t new to the committee at all [now]. And so he definitely has got a point of view and been, you know, a very productive member.

“He’s not reserved. You can get Chris moving, and you can get Chris talking.”

Added McVay, who is in his first year as a committee member:

“I knew his family background,” McVay said. “I just knew him because I had respect for what he’s done with Miami and the kind of man he is and the leader. And then hearing — because I have a relationship with Mike McDaniel — how well they’ve worked in collaboration and in coordination with one another.

“But he’s got a great way about himself. He’s really steady, Enjoyed getting to know him a little bit better. He’s got a great poise about himself. He’s got a big-picture perspective. He’s very well thought out, super smart, you can tell, and a great man.

“So I’ve really enjoyed getting to know him and kind of understanding some of his philosophies, but he’s a key member. He’s been doing that for a little bit, but I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Chris.”

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