When Does Madden NFL 25 Come Out? EA Sports Teases Aug. 16 Release Date

    The worldwide phenomenon known as EA's release of Madden NFL 25 is almost on the horizon for video game players everywhere.

    It’s the game millions of young football fans have grown up playing.

    The EA Madden video game series has been a staple of football’s growth throughout the country, and young fans become enamored with video games at an early age.

    With the latest iteration of the game expected to come out in a few months, it’s time to break down when exactly fans can enjoy the newest edition to the Madden series.

    When Does Madden NFL 25 Come Out?

    Madden NFL 25 is expected to be released to the general public on Aug. 16.

    This is two days earlier than Madden 24 and three days earlier than Madden 23 — a sign that EA is looking to get more and more fans interested in the latest installment of their popular series.

    This is the second “Madden 25” from the series. In 2014, EA released a “Madden 25” edition as the 25th anniversary of the video game’s creation led by former head coach and broadcaster John Madden.

    This time, the series will continue its yearly progression while not honoring the now 32-year run.

    When Can You Pre-Order Madden NFL 25?

    There’s good news for NFL fans and gamers, and it doesn’t even fully relate to the video game itself.

    While the release date to the public is Aug. 16, early access begins on Aug. 13, with those who purchase a special edition or the MVP bundle being able to play the game a few days earlier than some of their friends.

    The MVP bundle is a way for EA to tie the Madden series to EA Sports College Football 25. It’s the first college football video game since NCAA Football 2014. The now decade-long drought ends July 19, with fans having to wait just a month later for the latest Madden.

    What Are the New Features in Madden NFL 25?

    One of the newest features in the incoming Madden game is reportedly a re-engineered physics system and updated Franchise Mode. New presentations and commentary are also included in the newest version of the decades-old series.

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    The game itself is now available for digital pre-orders and has allowed some fans to comment on the latest changes to it.

    At the very least, the newest Madden will be sure to drive plenty of new fans to the video game and sport itself.

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