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NFL Draft

2020 NFL Draft: Mid-American Conference (MAC) Scouting Reports

2020 NFL Draft: Mid-American Conference (MAC) Scouting Reports
Photo: USA Today

Toledo Rockets
2020 NFL Draft Prospects

Jordan Fisher, OLB

Positives: Former tight end who moved to the defensive side of the ball and displayed flashes of ability at linebacker last season. Breaks down well, effectively uses his hands to protect himself and quickly locates the ball. Very effective against the run, moves well laterally and shows ability in pursuit. Athletic, gets depth on pass drops, and displays a good burst of speed to close to the ball.

Negatives: Inefficient and takes poor angles on occasion. Easily knocked off balance by the initial hit and gets tied up on blocks.

Analysis: Fisher displayed flashes of ability at the tight end position before he moved to linebacker last year, where he again showed next-level potential. He’s a practice-squad prospect who possesses the athleticism to play at the next level.

Reggie Gilliam, FB

Career Snapshot: Two-year starter who earned Second Team All-MAC honors and caught six passes for 71 yards and three touchdowns as a junior in 2018. Made nine catches for 52 yards as a senior.

Positives: Undeveloped college tight end who will get looks at fullback and H-back at the next level. Fires off the snap into blocks, gets leverage on opponents and stays square. Strong enough to turn defenders from the action. Occasionally lines up in the backfield, quickly gets into pass routes and extends his hands to make the reception away from his frame. Shows good route discipline, uses his frame to shield away defenders and presents himself as a solid athlete.

Negatives: Haphazard in his movement and must improve his balance. Very rough around the edges. Never a big part of the Toledo offense.

Analysis: Gilliam is a solid athlete with nice upside, but he must find a position at the next level. I like him best as a move tight end, and Gilliam should receive practice-squad consideration this summer.

Western Michigan Broncos
2020 NFL Draft Prospects

LeVante Bellamy, RB

Positives: Undersized scatback who can be used as a situational runner and third-down specialist. Displays outstanding vision and football instincts, can cut back against the grain and loses little momentum changing direction. Patiently waits for blocks to develop and squeezes through the small openings of the offensive line.

Keeps his feet moving and works runs to try to get as much from every carry as possible. Creates yardage, improvises when plays break down and displays a terrific burst. Easily bounces around piles to get to the outside. Quickly gets into pass routes, nicely adjusts to the errant throw and extends to make the reception away from his frame.

Negatives: Lacks size and strength. Easily brought down at the point by a single defender. Runs east and west too often. Lacks growth potential and has short arms and small hands.

Analysis: Bellamy has been incredibly productive the past two years and is a speedy back who can take it the distance if given open space on the field. He also comes with return ability, and although he may not be selected during the draft, expect Bellamy to be quickly signed as a priority free agent.

Luke Juriga, C

Positives: Tough, intelligent center who effectively quarterbacks the offensive line, works well with teammates and plays through the whistle. Explosive at the point, fires off the snap and displays a nasty attitude. Strong enough to turn defenders from the line and seal them from the action. Stays square, works blocks and keeps the and keeps the defender in front of him.

Negatives: Limited physical skills. Doesn’t move all that well for a smaller center and isn’t a fluid blocker. Must keep his knees bent throughout the action.

Analysis: Juriga is a hard-working, competitive blocker with great football intelligence. He lacks the size and physical skills for the next level, but his approach and feel for blocking could help him catch on as a backup in the NFL.

Giovanni Ricci, TE

Positives: Former wide receiver who moved to tight end as a senior and had a career season. Plays tough, hard-nosed football, displays himself as a terrific pass catcher and gives effort as a blocker. Fluid, easily makes the reception in stride and consistently catches the ball with his hands.

Runs sharp routes, stays low on exit and positions himself to make the reception. Smoothly moves about the field, gets up in a crowd and comes away with the difficult catch. Displays focus and concentration, tracks the pass in the air and consistently makes the catch away from his frame.

Negatives: Has a long, thin build, lacks strength and must fill out his frame. Slows into breaks on occasion and loses momentum. Will be a liability as a blocker.

Analysis: Ricci is a tight end in a receiver’s body, but he comes with a good amount of upside. He needs to physically mature and add bulk to his frame, but he could make an NFL roster as a backup tight end.

Jon Wassink, QB

Positives: Patient short and intermediate passer who displayed development each of the past three seasons. Patient in the pocket, spreads the ball around and makes good football decisions. Goes through progressions, finds the open wideout, and puts air under deep passes. Remains poised under the rush, stays away from bad decisions, and has enough ability to elude defenders and scramble out of the pocket.

Negatives: Lacks a big arm, Inconsistent with his deep accuracy and cannot drive long throws.

Analysis: Wassink did a terrific job as a full-time starter last season and is a developmental prospect and possible third signal caller at the next level.

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