Lowest-Scoring Super Bowl in NFL History

    What is the lowest-scoring game in Super Bowl history? Despite the "offense is everything" mantra of today's NFL, the answer might surprise you.

    On the day of the big game, you never want to spend all that time in the kitchen cooking up a feast to watch a snoozefest of a Super Bowl later in the evening. What is the lowest-scoring Super Bowl of all time, and just how boring was it?

    What Is the Lowest-Scoring Super Bowl in NFL History?

    Super Bowl 53 takes the cake as the lowest-scoring Super Bowl ever, with the New England Patriots defeating the Los Angeles Rams 13-3. Deadlocked at 3-3 after the third quarter, New England would put up 10 points in the final frame, a Sony Michel rushing score the only TD for either team.

    The teams set records, but for all the wrong reasons. The Rams set a Super Bowl record for most consecutive drives ending in a punt (8). Johnny Hekker boomed a 65-yard punt, also a Super Bowl record.

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    Expecting a turnover-laden contest because of the score? Nope! Each team committed one turnover (both teams had a fumble but didn’t lose possession). LA managed only 14 first downs and had nine penalties.

    While the game definitely had a low score, it’s hard to assess whether it was truly the most boring Super Bowl of all time because the score was tied heading into the fourth — it was still anyone’s game.

    Which Team Has Scored the Fewest Points in a Super Bowl?

    Thankfully, no shutouts have occurred in Super Bowl History. There’s a tie between two teams — the 2018 LA Rams and the 1971 Miami Dolphins — for the fewest points scored in a Super Bowl (3).

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    The Rams lost to the Patriots 13-3, while the 1971 Dolphins lost to the Dallas Cowboys 24-3. The 1974 Minnesota Vikings sit third on the list, scoring six points against the Pittsburgh Steelers in their 16-6 Super Bowl 9 loss.

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