Los Angeles Chargers Playoff History: Wins, Super Bowl Appearances, and More

How have the Los Angeles Chargers done in their playoff history and Super Bowl appearances? We comb through NFL playoff history to find out.

The Los Angeles Chargers are a talented team with a young stud at QB and perhaps the best jersey colors on the planet. But how have the Chargers performed in their playoff history, and how do they fare getting to and winning the Super Bowl? Let’s comb through the archives of NFL playoff history and find out how the football gods have favored the Chargers.

*We’ll only consider appearances from the 1970 merger onward.

Los Angeles Chargers Playoff Appearances and Results by Year

  • 2018
    • Wild Card: Won 23-17 @ Ravens
    • Divisional Round: Lost 41-28 @ Patriots
  • 2013
    • Wild Card: Won 27-10 @ Bengals
    • Divisional Round: Lost 24-17 @ Broncos
  • 2009
    • Divisional Round: Lost 17-14 vs. Jets
  • 2008
    • Wild Card: Won 23-17 (OT) vs. Colts
    • Divisional Round: Lost 35-24 @ Steelers
  • 2007
    • Wild Card: Won 17-6 vs. Titans
    • Divisional Round: Won 28-24 @ Colts
    • Conference Championship: Lost 21-12 @ Patriots
  • 2006
    • Divisional Round: Lost 24-21 vs. Patriots
  • 2004
    • Wild Card: Lost 20-17 (OT) vs. Jets
  • 1995
    • Wild Card: Lost 35-20 vs. Colts
  • 1994
    • Divisional Round: Won 22-21 vs. Dolphins
    • Conference Championship: Won 17-13 @ Steelers
    • Super Bowl: Lost 49-26 vs. 49ers
  • 1992
    • Wild Card: Won 17-0 vs. Chiefs
    • Divisional Round: Lost 31-0 @ Dolphins
  • 1982
    • Wild Card: Won 31-28 @ Steelers
    • Divisional Round: Lost 34-13 @ Dolphins
  • 1981
    • Divisional Round: Won 41-38 (OT) @ Dolphins
    • Conference Championship: Lost 27-7 @ Bengals
  • 1980
    • Divisional Round: Won 20-14 vs. Bills
    • Conference Championship: Lost 34-27 vs. Raiders
  • 1979
    • Divisional Round: Lost 17-14 vs. Oilers

Los Angeles Chargers Playoff History FAQ

The Chargers are playoff-bound in 2023, but how have they fared in playoff history? We’ll dive into some frequently asked questions on the Chargers’ ups and downs in the playoffs.

What’s the Chargers’ Playoff Win/Loss Record?

The Chargers’ all-time playoff record is 11-14. The first playoff appearance (1979 season) resulted in a 17-14 defeat to the Houston Oilers; their last playoff experience (2018 season) saw the Chargers defeat the Baltimore Ravens with a creative and dominant defensive performance before falling to the New England Patriots in Foxborough 41-28.

How Many Times Have the Chargers Been to the Playoffs?

The Chargers have made the playoffs 14 times in their team’s history. Fewer than half of their playoff appearances (five) have resulted in a one-and-done outcome.

How Many Super Bowl Appearances Do the Chargers Have?

One. The Chargers have made it to one Super Bowl since the 1970 merger (1994 season).

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While they made the AFC Championship Game in the 1980, 1981, and 2007 seasons, they fell short in each of those contests. The Chargers went toe-to-toe with the Tom Brady-led Patriots team in the Conference Championship, but red-zone issues (three Nate Kaeding field goals of under 30 yards) reared their ugly head.

How Many Super Bowls Have the Chargers Won?

Chargers fans, hide your eyes! (It’s zero.)

When Was the Last Time the Chargers Made the Super Bowl?

The 1994 season. LA succumbed to the San Francisco 49ers 49-26 (yes, the irony of the 49ers scoring 49 points isn’t lost on me) in Super Bowl XXIX — that’s Super Bowl 29 for the Roman-numeral-challenged.

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