Linebackers Drafted in the 2023 NFL Draft

    Which quarterbacks were selected in the 2023 NFL Draft, and how does the latest class compare to other QB classes in the past 10 years?

    Linebackers Drafted in the 2023 NFL Draft

    Which linebackers were selected in the 2023 NFL Draft? Which teams drafted those LBs, and how does the 2023 class compare to previous years?

    Which Linebackers Were Drafted in the 2023 NFL Draft?

    Let’s take a look at the linebackers drafted in the 2023 NFL Draft.

    Will Anderson Jr., Alabama | Houston Texans

    Round 1, Pick 3

    Will Anderson Jr. racked up 7.0 sacks and 10.5 tackles for a loss. As a freshman. For Alabama. During their 13-0 National Championship season.

    To be that young and that dominant for the best team in college football defies logic. But that’s Anderson in a nutshell. He’s a uniquely talented LB/EDGE defender who could be one of the best of his generation. At minimum, he becomes an immediate NFL defensive anchor at age 21.

    It’s notable that Houston gave up significant draft capital to move up nine spots to land Anderson. It speaks volumes about how much they believe in him.

    Will McDonald IV, Iowa State | New York Jets

    Round 1, Pick 15

    PFN’s college football analysts projected Will McDonald IV as a second-round-caliber selection. Time will tell if the Jets made a savvy move with the No. 15 overall pick. Already possessing an impressive defense, McDonald should immediately slot into a meaningful role. And in what might be a mixed blessing, he’ll turn 24 years old before the season starts. Yes, he’s already built for the NFL. But he’s also “chronologically advanced” for a rookie.

    Jack Campbell, Iowa | Detroit Lions

    Round 1, Pick 19

    One of college football’s most productive defenders these past two seasons joins an ascending franchise with a dramatically improving defense. Both at last year’s draft and in free agency this March, the Lions made a commitment to strengthening their D. If Campbell can acclimate quickly in a unit that looked much sharper in the second half of last season, then the rookie could turn out to be an ideal selection at No. 19.

    Nolan Smith, Georgia | Philadelphia Eagles

    Round 1, Pick 30

    With two first-round picks, the Eagles reasserted their dominance over the NFC, pairing perhaps the best defensive player in the draft (Jalen Carter) with, quite possibly, a top-eight defensive player in Nolan Smith. Although some scouts question his durability given his “slight frame” (for a linebacker), he possesses all the tools to make an immediate impact — even in Philly’s stacked defense.

    Derick Hall, Auburn | Seattle Seahawks

    Round 2, Pick 37

    PFN’s college football analysts projected Derick Hall as the 38th best player in the draft. He went No. 37, and to a team that understands an improved defense can put plenty of heat on the NFC-West-frontrunner 49ers. Hall likely will play a meaningful role as a rookie.

    Tuli Tuipulotu, USC | Los Angeles Chargers

    Round 2, Pick 55

    The Chargers are patching up their roster to make another run at the postseason. They have the playmakers on both sides of the ball to wreak havoc. But injuries and positional gaps have upended their plans. They clearly hope Tuli Tuipulotu can be one of the missing pieces.

    Round 3-7

    7) Drew Sanders, Arkansas
    R3-P67 | Broncos

    8) Marte Mapu, Sacramento State
    R3-P76 | Patriots

    9) DJ Johnson, Oregon
    R3-P80 | Panthers

    10) Daiyan Henley, Washington State
    R3-P85 | Chargers

    11) Trenton Simpson, Clemson
    R3-P86 | Ravens

    12) DeMarvion Overshown, Texas
    R3-P90 | Cowboys

    13) Dorian Williams, Tulane
    R3-P91 | Bills

    14) Ventrell Miller, Florida
    R4-P121 | Jaguars

    15) Tavius Robinson, Ole Miss
    R4-P124 | Ravens

    16) Nick Herbig, Wisconsin
    R4-P132 | Steelers

    17) Yasir Abdullah, Louisville
    R5-P136 | Jaguars

    18) Noah Sewell, Oregon
    R5-P148 | Bears

    19) SirVocea Dennis, Pittsburgh
    R5-P153 | Buccaneers

    20) Nick Hampton, Appalachian State
    R5-P161 | Rams

    21) Henry To’oTo’o, Alabama
    R5-P167 | Texans

    22) Owen Pappoe, Auburn
    R5-P168 | Cardinals

    23) Zaire Barnes, Western Michigan
    R6-P184 | Jets

    24) Jose Ramirez, Eastern Michigan
    R6-P196 | Buccaneers

    25) Amari Burney, Florida
    R6-P203 | Raiders

    26) Titus Leo, Wagner
    R6-P211 | Colts

    27) Andre Jones, Louisiana
    R7-P222 | Commanders

    28) Jalen Graham, Purdue
    R7-P255 | 49ers

    How Many Linebackers Were Drafted in 2023?

    With teams loading up more than usual on other positional players, the 2023 draft witnessed fewer linebackers taken than in recent years. From 2013 to 2022, an average of 32.5 LBs were selected, with a low of 25. And the three linebackers taken in the first round are slightly below the 3.7 average of the previous 10 years.

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