Who Are Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy? Sandra Bullock’s Subject in The Blind Side Explored

Following allegations that The Blind Side, depicting the young life of Michael Oher, is full of false claims, who are Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy?

The truth behind the movie “The Blind Side” has taken us all by surprise. Allegations make it appear that the wholesome story surrounding the life of NFL offensive lineman Michael Oher told in the 2009 movie starring Sandra Bullock, is based on more lies than truth.

Remember The Blind Side?

It’s been a minute since the football classic has come out, so here’s a quick refresher.

Oher, a future NFL offensive tackle, was walking down the street in the rain when Bullock, who is playing real-life Leigh Anne Tuohy, came upon the young man and swept him off the street and into her home.

Oher’s background before the Tuohys take him in is portrayed as that of a young boy growing up in a bad neighborhood with multiple siblings and a mother struggling with addiction.

After the family took him in, Oher attended the same school as the Tuohy children — a private school in affluent Memphis — where he played football. He struggled academically at his new school.

Oher went from quiet and passive to blossoming into a star on the football field under the influence of Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy. Oher would go on to have an incredible college football career and was likely NFL-bound.

The Blind Side Goes Wrong

Oher has been speaking out about the way his story was portrayed in The Blind Side since the movie came out.

He was depicted as being a quiet, slow learner who hadn’t yet unlocked his football talent. Oher takes issue with that. He didn’t have a strong educational background due to his tumultuous childhood but flourished under quality, consistent instruction.

Oher was also a three-sport athlete who had leadership and sports skills before the Tuohys came into his life at age 16. Many people, most importantly Oher, helped him get to greatness. Many individuals lent a helping hand in his life, and he’s grateful for all of them, including the Tuohys.

The offensive tackle suggests that his lack of sports background and potential intellectual deficiencies, as depicted by the movie, have followed him throughout his career, including in the NFL.

The movie came out in 2009, his first year in the league, and he felt he had to prove himself even more because of it. That makes the most recent news about the truth behind The Blind Side even more smarmy.

Michael Oher’s Blind Side Bomb Shell

Oher filed a 14-page petition in Shelby County, Tennessee, on Monday, Aug. 14. The former NFL player alleges that he was never adopted and never made a penny from the movie based on his life story.

Despite being referred to as an adopted son, the truth is that Oher signed a conservatorship, which allegedly was pitched to him as basically being the same thing by the family. He recently discovered that his “adoption” was allegedly a fraud.

Oher is still under this conservatorship, and he’s requesting that it be ended. He would like the family to stop using his name and likeness, as well as see the profits they have made as his conservators. According to reports, the family has control over his business dealings.

Oher also alleges that a 2007 contract he doesn’t remember signing has him signing away life rights to the former tackle’s story. The Tuohys have allegedly made millions off of The Blind Side story and movie, while Oher hasn’t seen a penny of it.



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