Kyler Murray debut, Dolphins, and an interview with Greg Likens (Any given Friday Podcast)

    Kyler Murray – Crazy debut

    Kyler Murray had an appearance with the Arizona Cardinals that went from a gigantic low to a massive high. It was a better debut than former Cardinal Josh Rosen, and the Miami Dolphins had.

    Through three quarters into his NFL debut, the Cardinals were losing to the Detroit Lions, and the offense was looking bad. Then out of nowhere, the Cardinals sparked a fourth-quarter comeback. Offensively Murry was lights out in the fourth quarter and led them to an overtime appearance. Eventually, they tied with the Lions which is weird for a Week 1 matchup. 

    In Week 2 the Cardinals will go up against the Baltimore Ravens who put the smackdown on the Miami Dolphins. Both defenses will be tested this week, and it will be up to Murray to answer back. It doesn’t seem likely that he can put a performance that Lamar Jackson did last week, however, if he can pull together a full four quarters than the Ravens could be in trouble. 

    Interview with 790 and WQAM host Greg Likens – Miami Dolphins

    Former host of the Miami Dolphins “Finsiders” radio and TV telecast Greg Likens joined Kai’Chien to talk about the Dolphins and their rocky 2019 start. The Ravens incredibly beat the Dolphins in Week 1. With the beating and reports coming out that some Dolphins players could want out, the Dolphins could be in a sticky situation. 

    The tank seemed to be confirmed during that Ravens loss, and it wasn’t a pretty one. Starting QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and even his backup QB, Josh Rosen both threw interceptions during the game, and they eventually lost 59-10. For the Dolphins, the devastating situation will be the future of Rosen. Some think that the Dolphins know that Rosen isn’t the guy, but there is also the next three-week gauntlet for the team. They lost by 49 points and will now face the New England Patriots at home, going to meet the Dallas Cowboys next week, and finish the gauntlet at home against the Los Angeles Chargers. This should be an 0-4 start and Dolphins fans could see Rosen during Week 6.

    Questions From The Podcast Team

    • Can Lamar Jackson pull this off every week?
    • Can Kyler Murray put together a full four-quarter of great play?
    • When will Miami Dolphins fans see Josh Rosen start?

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