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    Kevin Stefanski’s Net Worth: How Much Money Has the Browns Head Coach Made?

    Discover Kevin Stefanski's net worth and learn how much money the Cleveland Browns head coach has made throughout his career.

    The Cleveland Browns, despite being ridden by injuries, made the playoffs in 2023. The appearance marked the second time they’ve made the playoffs under head coach Kevin Stefanski and the second time they’ve made it since 2002.

    What Is Kevin Stefanski’s Net Worth?

    Stefanski’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million, according to SportsKeeda. He started his NFL coaching career with the Minnesota Vikings in 2006 and stayed as an assistant with the franchise until 2019 when he became a first-time offensive coordinator.

    According to GlassDoor, the estimated pay range for an NFL assistant coach is $44,000 to $79,000.

    However, when he became the head coach of the Browns, that’s when his net worth shot up. His annual salary after being hired was around $3.5 million. At just 42 years old, Stefanski is one of the youngest coaches in the NFL. However, that $10 million net worth is just average in terms of the NFL.

    A big reason, however, is the fact he’s only been a head coach for four years. Some of the more tenured head coaches made a lot more, including Andy Reid ($50 million) and Mike Tomlin ($30 million). Additionally, before leaving the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick had made $70 million.

    Stefanski’s Contract With the Cleveland Browns

    While he was previously making the least of any NFL head coach at $3.5 million per year, that changed in 2024. After winning Coach of the Year twice, including in 2023, the Browns extended both Stefanski and general manager Andrew Berry in early June.

    “We are incredibly fortunate to have Kevin Stefanski and Andrew Berry leading the Cleveland Browns,” said the Browns’ owners Dee and Jimmy Haslem. “Since the day they were hired, each has worked tirelessly to help the Cleveland Browns win.”

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    The value and length of his new contract are unknown, but it would be easy to assume he will be making more than the NFL’s lowest-paid head coach.

    Since being hired, Stefanski has led the Browns to a 38-32 record, including a 1-2 postseason record. He has, however, led Cleveland to two 11-win seasons, both culminating in a playoff appearance and Coach of the Year award (2020, 2023).

    Who Are the NFL’s Highest-Paid Coaches?

    Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs is currently the highest-paid coach in the NFL. With a 258-144-1 record, he makes $25 million per year. In addition to his record, Reid has three Super Bowl championships, two of which came back-to-back.

    Next up is Sean Payton, who plays for the Denver Broncos and makes $18 million per year. He spent most of his career with the New Orleans Saints, holding a 160-98 record and winning one Super Bowl.

    Then there’s Jim Harbaugh, who just joined the Los Angeles Chargers in 2024 after leaving Michigan. He’s making $16 million per year and returns an NFL record of 44-19-1.

    The other Los Angeles team holds the next coach on the list, Sean McVay of the Los Angeles Rams. Making $15 million per year, he holds a 70-45 record and has won one Super Bowl.

    Kyle Shanahan of the San Francisco 49ers is next, making $14 million per year. While he has no Super Bowl wins, he has a 64-51 record and has appeared in two Super Bowls in 2019 and 2023.

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    Then comes Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers, who makes $12.5 million per year. With a 173-100-2 record, he has never seen a losing season in his career as the longest-tenured active coach in the NFL. Additionally, he’s won one Super Bowl.

    The last guy making over $10 million per year is John Harbaugh of the Baltimore Ravens. With a 160-99 record and one Super Bowl, he makes $12 million per year.

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